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smelly helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by adnan12, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. After washing the lining in my helmet in some warm water, I put them up to dry...after they dried I put them back in the helmet as you do :grin: and then put the helmet in it's helmet bag, few days later a wierd smel started to develop, is it because it didn't dry properly and the lining is till sorta damp in the helmet?

  2. bump...i really need to know why the helmet has developed this smell :?
  3. What sort of smell are you getting? Is it coming from any specific point in the helmet? What make and model of helmet do you have?
  4. Yeah mate sounds like the mould/bacteria that you get when you leave a piece of clothing slightly damp for a while.

    Give it another wash and make sure you dry properly.
  5. Good chance that that was the reason adnan.

    Try washing it again, but this time use some laundry detergent in the water then leave it to dry and make sure its dried thoroughly before putting it away.

    See how that goes.

  6. Soak it in a lovely bath of pottpurie :eek: or maybe a spa with lavender salts :shock: then massage the inner lining with white musk oils and there you have it a happy little helmet :LOL:
  7. Mate you think that is nasty - This year i went to the go Karts, at Jerudong Park (a disney land of Brunei). From the smell the helmets had never been washed! (it has been open for approx 6 years) And you had to wear them to ride! lol (food for thought)
  8. soak in pin o clean solution and leave to dry for like 3 days to make sure.
    Definitely sounds like your now growing broccoli!
  9. Hey Oli, i went to that theme park in Brunei about 5 yrs ago (not long after it opened). Pretty cool how its all free hey!
  10. Try adding a cap of disinfectant when you wash it again, that should kill any bacteria that have infested your helmet. If it's mould it should kill them too.

    Don't make it too strong, and if you have a removable liner then remove it first.