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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cnstr, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. What is the worst smell you come across while riding? If it's not here, let me know and it'll be added.

  2. 2-stroke fumes!! mmmmmmmmmm
  3. papermill heilelberg rd and the abatores on the ring road , allso the stence of feaces from parliment house , spring st
  4. organic recyclers

    Definately the organic recyclers trucks , especially when they are spilling the liquid contents all over the road and whoever is behind them at the time ..... errrkk :( By the way they are one of the EPA's best customers for fines. so if you see this happening report them.
  5. I have to go with 2 stroke fumes. Was in Jakarta on business a couple of months back and MAN did that place REEK !

  6. that stuff vic,darcaz and cnrstr was eating last night at the chinese shop wasnt far from it
    astray juice and chopped up cats , yum :shock:
  7. i lashed out last week , had a fillet of fish :roll:
    i arent big on asian food , i have had 1 too many cases of food poisioning from the way they prepare the food and the lack of hygeine in some of the shops in richmond.
    when i saw the floor , i wasnt hungry last night , so i had my usaual coffee
    i know thats not all places but once bitten twice shy
  8. A two week old squashed wombat during summer - hold your breath!
  9. was that eaten or on the road ?:shock:
  10. bugger,
    Won't let me add the new smells, but they will still be counted.
    If you wish to vote for a new smell, just send add to the bottom.
  11. My father once got hit by a wall of dead sheep's piss when a truck full of dead sheep hit a bump on the way to Adelaide.

    Just picture it-A couple of hundred dead sheep carcasses rising up as they hit a bump then landing back on top of eachother with a thud. All their bladders let go at once-it was like squeezing a big sponge.

    Lukily it rained 5 minutes after he was hit by the Wee Tsunami.
  12. think there should be an "other" choice....

    have been known to rip one out every now and then and i have noticed on those days when it pisses down with rain and i have been wearing my pantaloons (overpants but boy are they ugleeeee), upon reaching my destination and removing said pants, i have been hit with a bit of a noxious smell....actually, on those days when you sweat after having worn them for a couple of hours and the night before have had a particularly nasty curry with a few beers, the fume that arises from the trousers can catch you off guard :roll:


  13. Thanks for that info, Brokey... :roll:
  14. Brokey, you have it all wrong, thats your breath blowing back in your face :LOL:
  15. yeah i know.....bottom breath :shock:
  16. I still think think the smell of sheep poo and urine on a nice hot day on the freeway makes the world an awfull place.

    P.S. How do you get that smell out of your clothes, nose, and helmet.
  17. Pigtruck was the worst smell I ever encountered on the monash. It smelled for a km further forward than me and could not even see it till I got closer. To this day I still shudder whenever I see any livestock truck.
  18. i got cow poo in the face once, no matter how well i cleaned the helmet, some got stuck in the vent, i smelled it for weeks.
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  19. Thread mining also smells bad.
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