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smells in my helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by richo307, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Sulphur, diesel, fumes of all kind.

    Being a new rider you really get these on a regular basis "yuk", I'm over it, I try and keep back as far as I can to reduce it.

    But the smells from going past bakeries, pizza shops even the occasional "dirty bird" - KFC that is, well I don't mind these at all.:wink:

  2. Wait till you get a helmet full of l'eau de road kill! Ah, smells of Summer!
  3. Haha you've got it!
    My favourite is garbage-collection morning - guaranteed I'm gonna find the truck somewhere and have to do something slightly illegal to get around it...
    Roadkill on twisty mountain rides in summer - you can smell it for quite a few seconds sometimes...
    Lately I've smelled oil on my morning commute - it had me worried until I passed the bitumen truck a few K's up the road...
  4. dont forget the smell of due and freshly cut grass....

    but most importantly the smell of partially unburnt fuel that only bikes seem to give off:p
  5. Roadkill, yuck.
    Sometimes I get the smell of BO... AND IT'S NOT FROM ME! so that's a bit random...

    Love, the smell of the air on a cold crisp winter morning...like today
  6. Haven't had the road kill yet - I shall await in anticipation!
  7. try cleaning your teeth .....
  8. Riding thru Port Melbourne you get the smell of Vegemite cooking - yum.

    Go on a [MENTION=30627]streetmaster[/MENTION] ride to South Gippsland, and one is constantly surrounded by eau de bovine. Memories of a childhood spent on a dairy farm!
  9. I haven't had roadkill yet either. But I must say, I do love being able to smell smoke. Like, fresh from a fire smoke. Nothing better.
  10. I always used to love the smell when it first starts to rain on the road, but now I hate it. The smell is the oils coming to the surface and escaping and when there is this smell around the roads are at their slipperiest.
  11. Hah. Modern city folk will grizzle about anything. Go back to the good old days when cattle trucks were not required to have holding tanks. A fairly constant spray of cows p!ss and sh!t was guaranteed as soon as you got within 100 meters of said vehicle.
    And try following a bulk fertilizer truck before the days of covered loads. Super Phosphate is magic stuff in your eyes at 100+ km/hr. Not :)
  12. The good smells outweigh the bad. There are times riding through the bush when there has been some light rain, the eucalyptus aroma. Magic.
  13. Hey, I don't mind the smell of cows. Grew up with it.
  14. My old man used to drive those trucks that had the pipe down the side of the cattle trailers where the excrement spewed out - hehe I can just see a bike rider wearing that - lovely!!
  15. Week old road kill, yum. Riding out near Renmark and Hay, where there is nothing else around, I could smell dead roo about 2km away (no joke). Riding along and you get that first hint, getting stronger until you see it on the side of the road. First one you get you're not sure what it is. Makes me hungry just thinking of it.

    Wouldn't eat the road kill, but kangaroo jerky has almost the same smell.
  16. Haven't had roadkill yet, but horse/cow/sheep shit really gets into your nose, and it smells for a bit even after you've passed it or the truck holding it.

    cars/trucks, with exhaust smoke bellowing out of their vehicles like its going to blow up aren't too flash either, i have hay fever so freshly cut grass always induces sneezes.
    garbage trucks, totally agree with you there.. nothing smells more lovelier than garbage..

    what else is there.. ill have to edit my post when i think of more.
  17. trucks locking up their brakes....
    that rubber smell lingers for a while
  18. Chicken truck: thousands of live chickens in plastic crates trail a dust cloud of fine chicken poop, bits of feather and assorted chickeny goodness. On my first encounter the dust got sucked into the vents on my helmet. Now i stay a long way away from em.
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  19. Oh yeah! One morning riding to work, got sprayed by a cattle truck. Smelt like p!ss and Sh!t for the rest of the day. Fun times.

    Have to say I absolutely hate getting stuck behind a bus at a set of lights on a 40 degree day. It's almost suffocating!
  20. IF you go to ACME Pharmacy you can get the ear/nose plugs as a set :)
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