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Smells Good

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kilo86, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. One thing I've noticed when riding is how many more things you smell being out in the air. I thought about it today, about how crap it is going past chicken coops, and how much fumes you take in traffic, but my god is it good when you ride past a Macca's on an empty stomach. Just want to know what are some of the best (and worst) smells you've come across when riding.

  2. Good: The Dandenong's in the early evening.

    Bad: Portland Abattoir. Charming odour.
  3. good, the smell of the rainforest as your hooning though the twisties

    bad , road kill in the sun
  4. Riding between North of Thompsons Rd on the Eastlink.

    Good: Easterly wind blowing smell of fresh pine from recycling yard.

    Bad: Westerly wind blowing smell from sewerage farm. :cry:

    I was riding up Church street yesterday to a meeting and copped a woff of some womans perfume on the other side of the street. She must have been a good 20 metres away. I considred turning around and advising her to tone it down but my eyes watering made it hard to stay in a straight line let alone perform a u-turn. :roll:
  5. port melbourne.... Vegemite or any where near a bakery in the early hours... mmm bread.
  6. Warburton: Weet-bix cooking :LOL:

    oh, and the Hunter Valley at lucerne harvesting time.
  7. a nice bbq on a hot day/the smell of the ocean

    the worst, going past a dead animal or a sewerage drain
  8. I've found sheep trucks worse then cattle trucks... filthy sheep... cows FTW!!
  9. Riding down Dandy-Frankston Rd, just before the Abbotts Rd intersection, there is a strange 'sweet' chemical-like smell. Am hoping it's from a food/confectionary factory. If not, I gotta wonder what's its doing to my lungs.
    ( probably less damage than the cigarette smoke I force down my lungs regularly ) :roll:
    Anyone else come across it?
  10. A mate of mine works at a place that makes food flavourings and food colours.
    I think what you are smelling is that place as that is the location of the factory you describe.
  11. + riding at night on roseville bridge..the fresh air and foresty smell..

    - riding past the randwick racecourse, smell of horse sh1t!
  12. There's a couple of different smells I get on my trip up the Westernport, and one of them smells like freshly made muffins :grin: . The smells in/around Dandenong are not so good though :p
  13. Thumbs-up: The lemon-scented gums lining the road near Yanchep (WA) after it's rained and then the sun comes out.

    Thumbs-down: Tanneries ...
  14. Not that gives me piece of mind. Ta mate :wink:
  15. You realise that flavouring and colours are usually involve industrial chemicals to make various esters?
  16. That reminds me. Haven't actually ridden past it but going past the Arnotts factory on the m4 in a car was pretty good so I can only imagine it would be orgasmic on a bike :LOL:
  17. Yes. The smell changes too. Sometimes its not too bad, then other times its like mouldy orange juice.
  18. Lygon street at about 7.30 am - coffee, coffee, coffee :LOL:
  19. It's a toss up between the smell of the ocean or cheap perfume on a stripper. Both as good as each other. :grin:
  20. bad - the brussel sprout farms at the top of the hume.
    - the cremamtoriam at chatswood west.
    good - the water below as you go over the old pac bridge in brooky