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VIC Smee and Nobby market research regarding VICroads

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. I went to that market research thingy today.
    I was one of two riders, the rest were drivers. Turns out the other rider was Nobby!!!
    Anyway the research was to get ideas about motorcyclists and road users perceptions of them.
    It was conducted by VIC roads.
    To cut a long story short, apart from one moron uni student who didn't like motorcyclists because some of his uni mates ride them and he thinks they are arrogant, the others were all drivers who ended up being sympathetic to the cause.
    Lots of discussion but the main gist was that statistics are not taken seriously, especially after I rubbished their use of stats. One of the drivers asked the researcher if the accident rates displayed the causes of the accidents, ie were they mostly caused by cars? The researcher said she didn't know. I suggested that many of the stats were misleading.
    The moron uni student said that the latest TAC ad put him off motorcycling and it has the perception of discouraging riding.
    Of course Nobby and I went to town on that and the previous ad. Lot's of " TAC is the enemy of motorcyclists currently" and "riders are not listening to their brand of message." Much mention of the so called safety levy. It was suggested by all that the levy be used to create a lobby similar to bike victoria with paid lobbyists so that the message of rider safety be better promoted and by having a motorcyclist at the helm be better run than currently by VMAG.
    Nobby and I suggested VMAG was a toothless tiger only answerable to VIC roads and not the minister directly.
    We suggested greater communication with VMC.
    To a tee everyone shot down the issue of frontal identification as nothing more than a revenue raising stunt by the government and in no way is a safety initiative. One even suggested that a front id is pointless if a bike is racing AWAY from you as all you see is the rear anyway.

    Some suggestions made:
    Most suggested filtering as a way of cutting congestion and safety (pushed by myself and Nobby)
    Advances stop lines.
    SMIDSY awareness campaign which was warmed to greatly by all.
    Driver training that also incorporates not only rider awareness but a component of riding a motorcycle as part of their driver training.
    Fluoro was shot down in flames.
    So that was it in a nutshell.
    IT appears that VICroads is trying to get info to see what they can come up with. Where the TAC fits into this is anyone's guess.
    I liked the fact that although drivers were not aware of many motorcycle safety initiatives they liked what nobby and I had to say.
    We also mentioned the safety levy which was supposed to fix motorcycle blackspots and mentioned how the black spur was made safer, resurfaced then made impassable with the solid white line and the speed limit dropped.
    Some were suprised when told that Nobby on some sundays has been continually pulled over up to 2 to three times. on the spurs.
    They liked the bus lane initiative.
    They liked the advanced stop lines
    they even liked filtering as a means of easing congestion.
    I believe what we had to say converted some of these drivers to be more sympathetic to motorcyclists.

    But I won't hold my breath
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  2. Jeez mate. Keep this up and TAC will have to burn Vicroads for heretics.
    Bloody well done.
  3. Thanks smee good to hear that car drivers have not fallen for it all and will listen to reason from experienced riders.

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Sounds like you had a constructive day (y) and got the message out to at least a few drivers.
    Hopefully they will change their driving style (if needed)
  5. That all sounds like a really positive experience. This is the stuff I like to hear. Nice work. :)
  6. What do you guys think of some of the initiatives? I was surprised they supported driver training with a motorcycle component.
    I'm sure [MENTION=15103]nobby[/MENTION] will fill the blanks
  7. When I went for both my bike and heavy vehicle licences, there was discussion about how other types of vehicles react and respond and how to interact with them. (ie. blindspots, braking distances, etc).

    I don't recall ever seeing or reading anything to do with other types of vehicles while getting my car licence. So I think it can only be a good thing to educate people about all the vehicles that use our roads when they are going for their licences. After all... they are being licenced to use and share the roads with everybody, not just to operate a car. ;)
  8. Nice catching up with you Smee, I was thinking to myself on the way home if the "missing" member of the group was supposed to be another rider or had they deliberately made us the minority. Was also a bit concerned that some of the questions appeared to be leading in that they pushed the "how do we make riders safer" question, when it should have been "how do we make drivers more aware"

    You're right about the little twerp who thought all riders, as represented by his so called mates, were arrogant, but all in all I think we put up a good fight..

    The dark haired lady even seemed to roll back in our favour by the end of the interview.
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  9. How did you come to be involved?
  10. Was specifically asked by a friend. Won't go into details but nothing insidious.
  11. glad we dismissed the statistics early on as she gave up on that angle.
    Was suprised the drivers were the ones who asked how many involved smidsys (my inclusion as they never heard of smidsy before)
    I also mentioned things like unregistered and unlicensed, you mentioned how the 14 yo killed on a dirt track was also included in the stats I mentioned how the quad bike accident yesterday was also represented in the stats.
    them mentioned how 75% of all stats were correct or not.
  12. Even though it's a thread dedicated to basically VIC, thanks for putting the time/effort into going there and helping the motorcycle community out.
  13. What Vic or NSW gets the rest of the states will probably follow. The good work that smee and nobby do helps the rest of oz.
  14. Smee" nice work brother .do you know were the car drivers came from ? ie how did they choose the group of drivers ?

    Thanks mate
  15. Completely random, from all over melbourne.
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  16. Hopefully there may have been other such sessions with knowledgeable riders. The majority of the people were drivers as it reflects the greater road community where we have more drivers and less motorcyclists. As Nobby said the missing person may have been a rider we don't know for sure.
  17. Well done Smee and Nobby for flying the flag! :applause:

    As we now know, where riders and drivers collide in circumstances akin to the Reconstruction advert fault lies with the motorist in 84% of cases.


    When discussing that stat with friends of late I can almost see the stuttering realignment of their world view as it cuts their argument off at the knees.

    Motorcycle safety isn't just down to the rider, it's up to everyone.
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  18. Nice work Smee/Nobby - good to see the fluro thing rubbished as beyond the fantasies of a few seeking to grab a bit of headline space, there's little to back up all the hysteria surrounding it and the whole mandatory protective clothing thing.

    Filtering is moving forward and we hope to have some positive news in the near future, although we're constantly having to look at different ways of getting to where we want to be. But hey, that's the nature of negotiation.
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  19. ON TOPIC POST (thus the double post)

    good work,
    its good to hear that motorists see through the crap TAC and VIC police are putting out.