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Smashed my Ninja 250R!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nasssty, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Okay so up until yesterday, I was a very proud owner of a brand spankin new 08 Ninja 250R. This little bad boy was my introduction to the world of riding and although I have alot to learn, I must say that I was instantly hooked!! I took the bike out for a few rides on weekends and short local trips and was very cautious about treating it gently and following the proper break-in procedure.

    This weekend the clock was reading 950km and I was keen to get it over the 1000km mark so I could get my first service out of the way. The sun was out and the weather was good so me and a mate jumped on our pocket rockets and went for a bit of a local cruise. I was actually really enjoying the ride and starting to gain a bit of (false?) confidence with my turning and actually leaning in and giving it a bit of throttle rather than the slow-mo grandma style I had been using previously.

    So we cruised around for a bit with no real destination in mind, then we thought we'd go visit a friend that lives nearby. I knew the streets like the back of my hand and was having a ball out there on the bike. That is, of course, until I managed to destroy my prized new possession.

    Imagine if you will, a street corner going at a 90 degree angle and on a downwards slope. I approached the corner doing maybe 30km/h and as I was about to lean in and turn I noticed an oncoming car approaching the corner in the opposite lane. I dont really know if I misjudged my speed or took the corner too wide, but I managed to clip the tail end of the oncoming car. As I hit the car, it pulled my steering hard to the right and forced me to scrape along the side of another car parked on the road.

    As all this was happening I reached out for the front brakes and in doing so, managed to open up the throttle even more and mount the gutter of the oncoming lane. As the bike went up the gutter it threw me off and turned hard, then it smashed down hard against the concrete on the right side.

    Luckily nobody was hurt and I managed to walk away with nothing more than a scratch on my knee, a bruised leg and a very sore ego.

    My new baby Ninja on the other hand is not so good. We managed to get the bike started again however it was blowing smoke like you wouldnt believe and sounded very sick and sorry for itself. The indicators have all been smashed off, fairings are scratched and smashed up, handle bars are completely bent and the bike no longer turns right. My fancy schmancy Yoshimura pipe is also dented and scratched up and a large part of the frame where the foot pegs are attached has completely broken away from the bike too.

    Haven't been able to contact my insurance company yet as the claims dept dont seem to operate during weekends but i'll be sure to get onto them tomorrow and find out what the deal is. A friend of mine tells me it will be written off as the damage is quite substantial but I guess we will find out when we have it inspected. To be honest I dont think I would want it back after smashing it.

    This whole experience has been a bit of a reality check for me and really opened my eyes as to how a situation can go horribly wrong on a bike in the blink of an eye. At the end of the day I have nobody to blame but myself and my inexperience, but i'll be thinking twice about getting back on the bike again.
  2. It all happens VERY quickly indeed, and doubly so before you've developed you 'spidey-sense' for situations.

    Sounds like you are OK, and hopefully the insurance company will look after you.
  3. Yeah thankfully im okay. I've also got comprehensive insurance on the bike too so i'll pay the $400 excess and im back on the road again.

    However, after re-reading my insurance policy i've found that my $700 Yoshi pipe wasnt included in the policy, therefore it will not be repaired / replaced.

    What would normally be the process for situations such as this? Friends have suggested that I put the standard exhaust back on the bike and keep the Yoshi pipe.
  4. absolutely. once the assessor sees the bike, if he writes it off it instantly becomes the property of the insurance company and the pipe is gorne!assume he's going to; if they decide to fix the bike, you can get the pipe repaired and put it back on. then add it to the agreed value of the bike with the insurance company.
  5. just take of the yoshi and put the old one on assuming youve still got it
  6. Bad luck mate.

    This is why, as a learner I wouldn’t ride without comprehensive insurance.

    I assume you contacted or left a note for the park car that you hit.
  7. Yeah i've still got the standard exhaust. I'll put it back on and take the Yoshi off, although I dont know if I would want to use it on the replaced / repaired bike because its a little damaged. Might be worth something on ebay I guess?

    Also regarding the parked car... it was out front of someones house and they came running out to check if I was okay. I pointed out the scrape on their car and suprisingly enough they said its just an old EB falcon and they couldn't care less.
  8. most importantly YOU are ok.

    as has been said a million times bikes can be repaired or replaced
  9. Sounds like an eventful day. Not wanting to sound too narky, but I hope you've learnt some lessons from the accident.

    On the plus side, you may get a new bike but you'll have to run it in again, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Glad you are in one piece. :wink:
  10. Ive definitely learnt alot from the whole experience and know that I need alot more practise / training if im going to continue riding.

    Dont know if the bike will get repaired or replaced but i've done some reading of the forum and it seems people are of the opinion that insurance companies are replacing bikes with even minimal amounts of damage.

    I think I would actually prefer they give me a new bike. Something about riding a smashed bike doesnt sit too well with me. But yeah you're right... i'll need to go through the whole break-in process yet again.

    One thing that made me laugh... I took a look at the speedo after the accident and it was sitting right on 1000km. Time for my first service... HAH!
  11. Think of it in a positive way, you'll be a better rider because of this I know from my experience from a similar situation..

    On my L's and probably with too much false confidence, riding along on my shiny cbr250 took a corner to fast and in the blink of an eye my bike was smashed in the gutter....

    4 years on and to this day, I think of that incident whenever I get on my bike. Has definately had a positive effect on my riding as Im always scanning the environment ahead, prepared for anything unexpected and ride to my ability.
  12. similar thing happend to me on my zzr250 about 7weeks ago now.
    although not as bad. i had been riding all day feeling really good on the bike everything seemed smooth. wasnt going fast but something happend i lost the front end and next thing i know im on the ground.
    insurance company sorted everything and ill be on my new ninja 250 in no time.
    i havnt been on a bike since but im very keen to get on. i always knew things happen fast but no i actually know what it feels like and i think survival reactions play abig part in us newer riders and how we handle the sitituation.
    glad to hear your ok though, thats what matter.

    oh and with the bike i only dropped mine on one side and did plastic and exhaust dmg and they wrote it off, im guessing they will do the same for you since u have alot more damage.
  13. Damn man, sorry to hear that you dropped your bike too.

    To be honest, and this is going to sound really bad, but its actually rather comforting to think that im not the only one to have done this.
  14. Sorry to hear about your bike mate. Glad you are ok though.
    Damn fine bike too!

    So did you determine if the car was on the wrong side or you were on the wrong side?

    I too had a close one (similar) where I turned in but "target fixated" on the other side of the road. Luckily nothing was there but I could have easily been taken out. Now I take every corner very very seriously.

    Again... glad to hear you are ok. How's your gear? Do they need replacing too? I hear some insurance companies pay for those too.
  15. I was definitely in the wrong... the corner was on a downhill slope and I turned too wide. As I had just started to make the turn I spotted the car in the opposite lane and couldn't take my eyes off it. In my head I could hear myself saying "oh shit... oh shit... OH SHIT!!!" and then BANG we collided.

    Typical newbie mistake and could have been easily avoided... I guess it all comes down to inexperience.

    As for insurance... im with Swann and so far it looks like it will all be covered. I am still yet to have the damage assessed though so we will see how that pans out.

    As far as gear goes its only my Draggin jeans that were damaged, but it seems Swann covers ALL protective gear so that should be covered too.
  16. I'm so glad I had a chook-chaser for my first bike.

    Glad to hear you're okay dude.
  17. Everyone makes mistakes. I bet your not gonna want to go to your mates on a bike again.

    Sounds like extensive damage to the bike, and reading the story. I think your bike will be replaced.
  18. hehe, avoiding a situation like that I know what it feels like. Coming around a corner to see a car pop out early to make sure he made it into the right hand turn lane early.

    Saw him, thought I had to turn tighter, still looking at him and thinking shit, bike won't turn. Finally looked at the gutter and got around him. Nice lesson about target fixation without any accident.
  19. The important thing is you are ok.

    I learn from all the little incidents and near misses that happened to me to avoid the serious incidents.

    You live and learn. I did/do. :D
  20. Just got word from insurance / Sharp Tune... they're going to repair the bike. I was hoping to get a new one because something about a smashed bike thats been repaired doesn't sit quite right with me.

    They said they'll put brand new fairings and parts on it and I should have it back this week or next.

    Lets hope the bike comes back in as-new condition.