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Smashed CBR by a Range Rover biatch

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dj Mel, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. I feel your pain!

    Should post my pics up...
  2. At least you’re in 1 peace...sorry to hear about your baby though
  3. That sucks dude, hope you aren't too broken up :cry:

    Hope the biatch coughs up BIG!!
  5. Sorry to see your bike in such a state Mel, met you at a mystery ride so I know how much you loved it. I hope it was only the bike that got damaged and you were unscathed. Kev. :(
  6. Most importantly .. your in better shape than the bike?
  7. Shit, that's a nasty mess Mel. :(

    How's you're condition? Hopefully you faired significantly better? :)
  8. Harsh car and bike sandwich, and the car was white :wink:
    Is it fixale? Is the swingarm still straight?
  9. Better teh bike than you.
    Bikes can be replaced...
    Hope you are feeling better than the machine.
  10. So true!
  11. ZOMG is teh Range Rover OK???
  12. No way! :cry: So how are you going? You alright?

    (We met at Metro the other week and rode to Burwood Hwy)

  13. ouch baby! very ouch...
    hope you're ok mel.
  14. Youch DJ. [​IMG]

    Painful to look at.

    Just as well you were tougher than the bike!
  15. Whoa that sucks.... same paint scheme as my bike.

    What you got now?