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SmartTire Active Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dan, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. ooooooh I want one of these.

    from http://www.bikernewsonline.com/2005/07/smartire-active-tire-pressure.htm

    SmarTire Systems Inc. develops on-the-go tire pressure monitoring systems for cars and motorcycles. The motorcycle version has been shipping since May 2004, and was enhanced in April 2005.

    SmarTire for Motorcycles is an active tire pressure and temperature monitoring system that provides real-time tire information to the rider while the bike is in motion. At a push of the button, the SmarTire system displays each tire's pressure, temperature and pressure deviation. If the system detects a loss of air pressure or abnormally high tire temperature, an ultra-bright warning light automatically alerts the rider to the condition.

    So how does it work?

    A tiny tire-pressure & temperature sensor is mounted inside the tire. The sensor is capable of sending data wirelessly to a receiver mounted on the handlebars. At the push of a button, the receiver can display the tire's pressure and temperature. If the tire pressure drops too low, it will alert the rider.

    The sensor is powered by a lithium battery designed to last five years, at 30,000 miles per year. If the motorcycle is stationary, the sensor goes into "sleep mode" to reduce battery consumption. Once the wheel rotates around 5 mph, an internal switch turns on the sensor and data is transmmitted immediately.

    The display/receiver is powered by the motorcycle's electrical system. It's equipped with non-volatile memory so that if the battery is disconnected or goes dead, the unit will not lose its programmed settings.
  2. I think some states in the US are actually looking at making tyre pressure indicators mandatory on all new cars to reduce the number of accidents caused by blowouts (they could just ban Ford Explorers). Don't know if this rule will also apply to motorcycles though.
  3. Heheheheehe, "wirelessly"

    If you had a friend name Leslie and you sent them a telegram would that be a case of wirelessly??

    Looks like a good gadget, I know I am guilty of not checking my tyre (sorry, tire) pressures as often as I should.
  4. I think I saw this as an option on a Mercedes or BMW.