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Smartphone wars: Android topples iPhone in Australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by joetdm, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I'm not suprised... Selfish ways of Apple/Mac, you can use their platform only with their hardware (iPhones, ipads, etc).
    In other words it's either mac way or the highway.
    With Android, you can choose from many phone makers...
    Always hated anything to do with Apple/Macs for that reason...

    Let the "Agree to Disagree" views begin.....8-[


  2. The volume of manufacturers making Android devices was always going to mean that the total number of Android device being sold would eclipse the volume of phones from just one manufacturer, no matter how loyal the customer base.
  3. but this is the first time android sales have eclipsed crapple.
    which kinda sounds about right coz i swear i'm the only person in brisbane who doesn't own an iPhail

    fucking sheep. the lot of them
  4. lol @ theforgotten! I had a telstra $49 special until recently, when I bought an android smart phone. I avoided the apple based on my experiences with my mac.
  5. So lets get this straight - more people flocking to buy Android phones AREN'T sheep, but the now fewer people buying iPhones somehow are? How exactly does that work again?

    Is this just a Catholics versus Protestants kind of deal?
  6. iPhone is a PHONE, android is a PROGRAM
    didn't think it was that hard
  7. Are the i-products as open source friendly as the Android products? I use community created OS's on my phone and theyre allow much more access to features of the device. (Also much more opportunities to screw something up)
  8. Apple are th ones in the market actually making decent $$$ out of it. Android has numbers, and the trick for them will be to turn that into long term cash flow.

    If they can get enough into the hands of young people, it will work out well for them.
  9. hhmm.....i had a PC, windows xp home, upgraded to an Imac, and will never go back. it is the fastest machine i have ever worked on, and it simply doesn't fail ever. i have been sold. though i think ipad's are a bit useless (what do you really need em for?)
  10. And by default if you have an iPhone, you use iOS.

    It's interesting seeing the endless debate regarding apple and android (not even looking at the whole apple/pc debate!). One thing I do like about apple products (phone and computers) is how they really do 'just work'. People moan about the closed apple eco-system for the iPhone - but this is the reason it works so well.

    I may be moving over to android soon (work phone) and am actually quite looking forward to it - kind of an opportunity to see the other side of the fence as it were.

    Will be interesting to see the differences.

  11. And that is relevant how exactly?

    I get it, really I do. You want to be the cool kid in school and fling around your cutesy names like crapple and iPhail because it really bolsters your credibility around how superior Android users are :roll:

    It's a phone for F's sake, not a religion. I don't care if you're into Apple or Android, it's still just a bloody phone.

    Methinks you might be the one that doesn't "geddit".
  12. Let me get this straight, you are comparing Windows XP, which was launched in 2001, making it 10 years old, with an iMac yes? Ha ha ha ha ha. Have you heard the saying "compare apples with apples"? Pun intended. Are you serious?
  13. yes i am. i wouldn't compare the 2 together today. i would compare them in their respective time. when windows xp was launched in 2001, it was still just as glitchy and failed alot. it has been a pain in the rear the whole time i owned it. i just got used to it, and accepted that computers were glitchy. from what i hear (from others only i must say) all the windows systems are the same, sent out and the public check it for bugs then they release a service pack, with the relevant updates to make the system work better etc etc. i know apple has updates as well, but their system worked from the get go. all the updates i have had to do on my imac have been to add to the existing system to make it better to use, while every update i saw for windows was to fix some crap coding. to me, every windows machine i have ever used has never been as fast or compatible with its own kind than apple. like said previously, "it just works", windows needs some forcing alot of the time. not very user friendly comparatively

    But then again, it is just a bloody phone LOL, i want one of those old Nokia 3310, that worked just as well hehe.
  14. Yup the iPhone just works, that is provided you hold it in the right spot so it gets reception.

    As for mac, no, they dont just work either. And then when you ask for help to make them work, its always your fault for being an idiot and not knowing how.

    Its an apple thing, the rest of you non apple owners would not understand (your not cool enough).
  15. The whole iPhone 4 reception issue was a complete non issue as far as I can see.

    And regarding the Apple computers - they do 'work' a helluva lot better than windows. How many people moved from windows to osx and then thought 'you know what, osx is rubbish I'm gonna move back to windows'?

    Pretty much no one.
  16. I find the whole sheeple thing funny. Cos everyone knows Android users are smart and Apple users are stupid.

    So what happens when you use both??? I use a Mac at home with iPhone no problems at all does everything I want (Take that back I can't Bluetooth pictures off my phone, still don't see what that's about"

    At work I use Linux and Android, I'm in IT so I get a choice I'd have a Mac but they won't buy me one.

    What's the difference? Honestly not a lot With the Android phone I can dick about and do some stuff what I can't do with the iPhone, on the other hand the Wifi on the Android Phone is more problematic than iOS and there's still no proxy support in Android 2.

    On the iPhone well I can't connect to windows shares and I can use it as a disk, but the times I did want to do that I can count on one hand, and yes in general the iPhone "Just works"
  17. I know 3 people who moved to macbooks whose HD died within 2 years losing tonnes of work
    None of my windows acquaintances have had a prob! 8-[

    Picked up a galaxy S2 yday btw \\:D/
  18. Any drive has a chance of going boom, Apple don't make disks.

    So because you friends didn't have any backups that's Apple's fault somehow???
    My 3GS is still going strong waiting to see what the 5 brings.
  19. How many people who have an Android phone even know they have an Android phone?

    I have a Sony Ericsson Android for work, an iPhone 4 for home. I prefer the iPhone as it does everything I need. The Android works well, does what it says on the box. The thing that shits me with them is the inconsistency. If you have a SE Android and you want to set up Exchange email, you need to know that you need to configure Moxier Mail. There are 3 other email programs on the handset. Mail, Mymail and Gmail. Every phone is skinned by their handset makers so every phone is different. Not all phones will be upgraded by their makers or the carriers and, unless you want to root your phone, you are stuck with whatever the carrier wants you to have.

    For the idiots who carry on about this as though it was some sort of religion, you look and sound pathetic. iphail? ffs, are you going to write Micro$oft as well? What about Windoze....hahahahaha, that's so funny, I can't believe the wit of some people.

    Get a life. Google is a large multinational corporation, publicly listed and responsible to its shareholders. It isn't anything different to that and if you seriously believe that it is somehow different to that you really need to live a little. The other thing that grates is how people say that Android is open. It isn't. It is freely licensed to manufacturers. They are allowed to skin it and make some changes. They do not get access to all versions at the same time. Google makes new revisions available to the manufacturers in the order it wants. And now that Google owns Motorola mobile, it's going to be interesting to see what happens there.
  20. And these friends didn't use the excellent Time Machine that would have made their recovery a simple case of booting from disk and performing a TM restore, putting the machine back to exactly where it was prior to the crash. Try doing that with Vista or XP (Win7 is much better).