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Smartness: concealing yourself on the ground during a race

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by коннор, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. #1 коннор, Sep 10, 2011
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  2. Glad he stayed to see if the bloke needed a help.

    But I must agree, wtf?
  3. Well that was odd.
  4. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that ninja-boy was lying in wait to fuck over a rider.
    If you look closely he's even holding a tree branch when he starts to get up, and looks "busted" rather than surprised according to his body language...
  5. Maybe he was looking for mushrooms?
  6. Lmao.......ninjas - now i know why I'm a pirate
  7. err… sorry about that…

  8. How rude. Ninjas have to poo too, you know.

    He's actually on the other side of the tree from the track, and the rider in front does a Florentino Rossi-shortcut-at-the-corkscrew and hits him.

    That CRF150 looks like fun.
  9. .....


  10. Maybe he'd found mushrooms?
  11. I would be asking him in a rather firm way WTF are you doing, then telling him that he has 5 seconds to aviod spending the rest of the event taped to a rather high tree. With no clothing. Cause something not right is going on there.
  12. :rofl:
    Cos when something not right is going on, I will generally look for someone to strip naked and affix to the scenery...
    That usually fixes it ;)
  13. Yeah I set myself up for that one. Makes him easy to ID if he escapes though.
    "Did you see what happened to the bloke who tried to knick a bike?"
    "Naked bastard duct-taped to the tree."
    "That little prick? Harley riders took him. That wasn't squealing tires you heard."

    8-[ What?
    What else do you do with a suspected bike thief?
  14. bearing in mind this is a kids race (probably under 12) and this guy was just loitering around on the track is pretty suspect.

    and he had apparently been seen just being a general creep at other events.
  15. On the topic of wtf...