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Smart phone + GPS.

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by coxc, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I've never owned a phone that cost more than a pack of ciggerettes, but as I'll be living off the bike for a good while I figured I'll get a smartphone instead of a dedicated GPS+ laptop + sansaclip+.

    I have no experience in this area and would apprieciate advice.

    $400 would be the most I'd be willing to pay for the phone itself, but I have no idea what to buy.I'd prefer not to buy an Iphone.

    A good GPS function would be ideal I hear MetroView would be the best App (Does MV work offline?)

    I assume telstra would be a must for coverage, how much would I expect to pay monthly for a large data pack (5+gig)?
    I'd like to be able to listen to music or the radio, while receiving directions either by bluetooth or headphones.
    Quick route ajustments, and POI would be a big bonus (I assume this is a part of MV)

    Sorry for the 20 questions, but I genuinely have NFI what I need, and don't want to make a 400$ mistake.

    TL:DR. Cheapest Android phone and provider/plan for GPS, music, Internet and p0rn.

  2. Just get a cheapo phone and buy a compatible third party GPS Navigation Software.........................

    I now have this setup after some scum stole my motorbike GPS. It works without the need for internet or network coverage..........it pretty much the same as your normal car GPS...........I love it, I even use it walking around the city.

    Something like this might suit ya................http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GPS-Navi...AU_MobilePhoneAccessories&hash=item41609884dd
  3. motorola atrix, and the laptop dock.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 - $349 from Kogan (with free shipping atm) or if you go to computer shops they some of them might have it around $360'ish otherwise going through Vodafone/Telstra would probably be a bit more expensive.

    I believe it includes Navigon (GPS application) which gets pretty good reviews. Nice decent size screen for using the GPS plus all the things you need in a smartphone.

    I can survive on 150mb a month of data.
  5. @ OP My 2cents here

    If it were me i wouldn't worry about a phone gps there just 2 small on the screen... But a garmin gps bigger i have a iPhone with tomtom maps not bad but i like to look at the map every now and then to see if i'm on the right track...

    Just my 2 cents anyway :)
  6. Don't get the Nexus. The GPS is terrible. My old HTC that ran Android was far superior for GPS signal, and the Nexus always looses it part way through or throws up incorrect directions. Other than that its a great phone
  7. It seems metroview isn't what I'm looking for. Doesn't let you create routes.

    Being able to create routes using a map rather than addresses. POI without internet would be great too.

    Maybe I do need to use an actual GPS, or are there apps for that?

    Seems like this whole android GPS thing is difficult, all I want is custom routable maps with POI, I'd even settle for no turn by turn.
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  9. Take a look at Sygic if you do go the Android route, it costs about $30 but you get a 14 day trial so if you download it. You can select places off the map, or write in an address.

    You don't need the internet at all with this app unless you're updating the maps, activating the credentials like licence code or using real time traffic (never used the traffic so not sure how it goes).

    You can also add in custom POI - https://support.sygic.com/sygic/topics/adding_custom_pois_to_sygic_rupi_convertor
  10. I'm currently using a Garmin-Asus nuvifone A50 with a $17.99 medium tpg sim only cap ($550 calls 1.5gb data on optus network). i love it :) . the phone is pretty much a gps that can make calls. It comes preloaded with top notch Garmin GPS software (no need to purchase additional software!!) and a high quality GPS chip. best thing about the GPS is that it does not need to use data to have a very fast satellite lock.
    they are built very well, nice and solid. they have the same dimensions as an iPhone3 so cases are cheaper than chips

    as of a few months ago they could be bought for under 200 new at dick smith. not sure if they still have stock. would be worth calling them or checking eBay and/or gumtree for bargains .
  11. A better option might be to bluetooth it to a helmet intercom so that you can hear it rather than look at it. I've found that the screens tend to flare out in the sun anyway - can't see a damn thing.
  12. I've just bought a Samsung galaxy note to try, as my first foray into smartphones. Love it. 5.3 inch screen makes it as big or larger than a lot of GPS units. Uses google maps as its map source and the pre loaded navigation app seems to work a treat. I imagine you could load routes generated from your laptop onto the phone, but haven't tried it so can't confirm. I only use it in the car around town, as I prefer to just follow my nose when I'm on the bike. But can't see why it wouldn't work say in a tank bag with a clear top.
  13. Yeah I understand that :) there is no way I would just look at it but just to make sure your on the right track if u get what I mean..