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Smart Phone (Android) App I can import a bike route into?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by thehinch, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Smart Phone (Android) Navigation App I can import a bike route into?

    I have an android based smart phone which has GPS and I am looking for specific recommendations of a navigation app that will allow me to import my bike route into.

    Basically, I want to be able to plan and plot my route on the computer e.g. google maps, and then be able to import it into my phone which i can use on the bike trip for turn by turn navigation.

    Can anyone help?
  2. Re: Smart Phone (Android) Navigation App I can import a bike route into?

    chrome to phone
  3. I know they have this for hiking, biking, running but can't see why they wouldn't have something similar for moving along quicker.....

  4. I use both, mytracks takes a route recorded from your phone and uploads it to google, ie the opposite of what he wants
  5. Re: Smart Phone (Android) Navigation App I can import a bike route into?

    Doesnt Google Maps/Navigator do it? (Free for any android user and quite simply the best GPS software available for a smartphone.)

    Just found a thread from another site, no its not currently available for Navigator on Android, but according to Google is highly requested (Funnily enough by motorcycling groups) and is in the works for the future. Sorry!
  6. Quote from a post on Google.ru -

    Here's as far as I've gotten:
    1. Create the route in Google Maps
    2. Save the route to My Maps (at the bottom of the directions pane there's a Save to My Maps links)
    3. On the Android Mobile maps app, go to Layers > More > My Maps > and show that as a layer on your mobile device

    You can see the route and your "my location" on the phone. You can follow your way around it manually. But there's no way I can see to make the Navigator follow that route. You just have to do it by looking at it or by plugging in points along the way.

    On the mobile be sure to use the layers in My Maps, NOT the mobile My Maps editor helper app. If you view the map there in the editor, you get only straight lines connecting the waypoints, not the road-following route.

    There are also some options to export the route from My Maps to Google Earth in some common formats that can be used to import into another app (?) or device. Just not (yet?) the Android Google Navigation.
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  7. ANOTHER update...

    Ive just tried doing that myself.... and it does actually work?? (Although im static, too late to test it on a ride, ill have a go tomorrow morning.
    So heres what i did.

    Google maps on pc.
    Search for altona meadows > Directions > Dandenong (As a test) > Get Directions > Go down the bottom of directions and save to my maps > Create new map > Save > Collaborate (If you want to add a description)
    Google maps on phone.
    Layers > My Maps > Directions (X to Y) > Click on arrow on FROM box > Directions > Get Directions > Navigate.

    Unless im missing something that should work perfectly.
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  8. shit, guys,

    1. go to maps and find a place:


    2. press the chrome to phone button


    3. maps is launched on your phone at the place you've chosen


    4. tap the popup thing (pic above), and hit directions (pic below)


    5. ???


    not terribly difficult
  9. neither should be reading the actual OP,
    and understanding what was actually being asked.

    the OP was not asking how to use the Navigate feature.

    the OP was actually asking how to import a predefined route,
    then use that to Navigate/Follow Progress along said route.
  10. misread the op then.

    either way, load up the directions on maps and hit chrome to phone. you'll need to be at the start point to use nav cos it'll only go off your current location, but it'll take the route you define, not the best route etc
  11. Funkmonkey - you've nailed it!!! I followed your instructions and the route saved to My Maps in google maps (on my PC) was imported successfully into the Navigator app on my phone. I haven't tested it on the road yet however it looks the goods to me.

    You mentioned you were going to give it a test so please let me know how it went I'd be interested to hear your feedback.

    Great stuff and thanks again for providing be the solution I'd been searching for.

    .....Just a thought, these instructions might be worth a forum article on its own to help out others with android smart phones?
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  12. Which is what i was pointing out.
  13. :D No problemo mate. Im a nerd at heart. Unfortunately i forgot to test it today, ill have a go tomorrow, sorry! Got a bit distracted lol due to the lack of a sunday learners ride a couple of us went to Seaford and back. AWESOME day.