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Smart Ass...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dougster, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Would just like to give a big congratulations to the smart ass showing off in front of me at lunchtime...

    Pulls out of a Suzuki MC store on NE road...riding in a shirt and baggy pants spending most of his time looking my way, stops at the lights in the lane along my side...looks at me again before leaning over and tugging on his chain to show how it had 1/2 meter of slack in it...Lights go green and he pulls a mono in a line of traffic and almost plows his front wheel into the back window of a Subaru because the lady was held up by the cars in front.

    Classic stuff...and very smart (no wonder we get viewed so poorly by the public).

    Anyone else seen any stupid stuff like that? I'd like to hear some of the stories...and maybe those stupid stunts that fail.
  2. Brand new 2007 R1, showoffy rider with $1100 shoei helmet out the front of a mates workplace pulls out of carpark, powers out first and up the front wheel comes. Notices half way down hill that there's a gravelly nasty painted speed hump coming FAST, puts the front wheel down just before the bump, hits the bump at full pace and off he comes, bike goes down, helmet ruined, bike scratched to buggery.

    Laughs all round from the people watching. Tears from the owner of the bike, and a very sorry look from his mate who was riding it

  3. See that's why I practice wheelie-jumping over speed humps.
  4. A few years back when I worked in the cbd, was stopped at intersection waiting on the red, bike in front of me & also another bike at the front on on the opposite side of the road. Happily sitting there listening to them rev the fook out of their bikes, then bang lights go green. Both bikes up & mono through almost the entire intersection past each other.

    Was awwwwwwesome at the time but soooo lucky it didnt go horribly wrong.
  5. Read too many "stupid stuff" netrider stories whinging about what some guy on a superior bike to what they own is doing :roll:

    Let's kick a guy while he's down after dropping his bike :evil:
  6. Lets face it, we get poorly viewed by the public because people who don't ride are jealous that we are.
  7. well...superior? don't know about that. and yer, why not if someone's being reckless. People don't know how to react when you are being stupid. That lady got a fright today and there were many potential outcomes - and for what reason? someone else having some fun? or being a smart ass?
  8. Not as often as I've done similar. :oops:

    I had fun the other night following my housemate's car doing wheelies. Took him a little while to figure out why lights kept shining through his window. :LOL:
  9. +1

    Can't do stuff like that yet, but plan on doing it when I get a bigger bike. That's what sports bikes are for. Aren't they? :p
  10. First of all, I don't see your bike in the Garage - so post up you got a MV Augusta for all I care :roll:

    Motorcycling to me is sharing a common interest and accepting other riders regardless of what they ride and how they ride it. If you've never popped a wheelie from the lights, then that's great - but why condemn those that do?

    And let me guess, you wear all your safety gear every time you ride as well, seeing the "smart ass rider" was wearing "a shirt and baggy pants" :p
  11. Because you can, is why you don't need too.
  12. Mate, he shouldnt have been able to see ya lights full stop. :LOL:
  13. Your VB logo says it all toecutter...
  14. Well actually the VB has a silent g

    It stands for VERY good BLOKE

    next question ?

    Lots of riders do dumb stuff, I am sure we all have at some stage, but like was posted above.

  15. I was in there before lunch, around 10, buying a pair of gloves. But I was wearing black draggins and a leather jacket. :grin:
  16. See, there's your classic, "I have nothing of value to contribute to the discussion, so I'll play the man instead of the ball." Very courageous stuff, mate, and so accurate. You have, of course, met Alex, and are able to make a considered judgment??

    Go away, you little man :roll:....
  17. "Dumb" is such an ugly word. I prefer "playful" :grin:
  18. People can and will do what they want, whether it is on a bike or a car, as long as they don't place others in danger.

    Having said that they then have no right to complain if they get caught by the police or muck it up and drop the bike. They performed the action and they pay the price, good or bad.
  19. Um...let's see....your 2 min of fame can cost someone else weeks of heartache should you f it up. There's a time and a place...go out of the city an be a prick. At lest then others don't have to worry about what your actions may impose on them.

    I didn't particularly want to see some toss fall on the ground and his bike on top of him....nor his bike through the back window of a car and a consequential chain of events. I'm sure they teach you to predict and decide on possible outcomes at the rider safe courses...3/4 in this case were not a happy ending in my opinion.
  20. i sort of agree. i rie as safely as i can. sure at times i go faster than the speed limit, but i dont push my luck. i see people doing stupid shit all the time. i call it stupid cause theres no need other than to show off. they can do it all they like under a few conditions.

    1) they dont hurt me or anyone else around
    2) i dont have to go out of my way taking them to and from places when their bikes getting repaired
    3) when something goes wrong, the CAN NOT blame the road was slippery, or some headlights blinded me, etc. if they need to do that then they should have not tried it.