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Smallest, Narrowest super sports bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by v-petn, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just curious to know what is the most smallest and narrowest sports bike out there... I don't mean seat height...

    this could be for 600 through to a 1000... from what I've read, the daytona 675 is quite narrow and it feels small... i sat on 1 the other day and it felt really light when I moved it from side to side... felt narrow too...
  2. plenty of go though
  3. The smallest and lightest sports bike is probably the Aprillia RS250.
  4. Ducati 749 or 848? Not sure...Do you mean 'feels' narrow and light or actual width?
    My bike feels very fat due to the wide leg position but its actually pretty average.
  5. yeah feels and is narrow... i know that the 06+ R6 looks narrow but the seat is really wide for example...

    I've ridden the zx6r and they are wide... same with the gsxr...
  6. I've heard that the new cbr1000rr feels quite narrow almost similar to the daytona's
  7. V-twin and L-twin bikes are probably the narrowest you'll get, without checking specification sheets.
  8. Can you tell me which v-twin and l-twin are smaller than the daytona 675?
  9. I don't know their respective widths and sizes off the top of my head, no. But fortunately there aren't many bikes in that category.

    Candidates that I can think of:
    Honda VTR1000F Firestorm
    Suzuki SV650, SV1000
    Ducati bikes (almost all of them?)
    KTM Duke, Superduke, etc, etc.
  10. Duc 916 through 848.
  11. Aprilia 1000 mille felt super narrow to me..

    675, cbr1000r (08+) are quite small too.

    XB12Rs are absolutely tiny, narrow and have a super short wheelbase.
  12. Not compared with the Aprilia RS50.
  13. Try a Ducati Streetfighter, they're not truly a sports bike but SHIT they are f'n narrow..
  14. If you want your knees closer together... get a scooter...

    Couldn't resist! :bolt:
  15. Or you could look at a larger capacity single banger Motard. Will do anything a SS will except 200+ sweepers and straight line speed. Skinny as a mountain bike.
  16. A streetfighter will do both and it is verrry skinny. Only downside is the abysmal fuel tank size (I think 11 litres for a 1098cc bike..), you won't be able to do even a Putty run on them :\
  17. 'Smallest' sportbike by physical dimensions (over 400cc): Aprilia RSV4.



    The Yamaha R6 seems really small when sitting on it too.

  18. The only problem with the streetfighter or RSV4 is that they cost a ****ton!