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Smallest Glove Fit?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cheiruchee, Oct 17, 2016 at 04:58.

  1. Hi,
    I'm new to riding and I'm looking to buy some gloves but I'm having trouble with the fit.
    I've tried on the smallest sizes of women's RST gloves - Mayfair and Blade (XS)
    but the fingers are too long.. (I have really small fingers)
    I tried to look at kid's sizes at Peter Stevens but the sale assistant told me they don't exist and said she thinks that RST is their smallest gloves.
    Would anyone know which brand would have the smallest fit or if it's safe (but unpreferred option) to get them altered at just a regular altering store.

    Thanks :)

  2. welcome aboard :)

    Try somewhere like AMX they have various stores or MCAS in Dandenong.

    Good luck
  3. Try different brands and different styles.i take S in Alpinestar Sp-2 and XS in ( cant remember which line ) Dainese but a couple of years ago my first gloves from Alpinestar was a size M. Sometimes they do change their fit and i do have fairly small hands. Goodluck!
  4. Hi and welcome to NR cheirucheecheiruchee.

    Dainese Veloce gauntlet XS has surpringly shorter fingers and fit me like a.....glove! Not cheap, but a well fitting glove makes a huge difference as I found out. For winter I have a pair of AlpineStars Gortex D-Jm in xs, still a bit long in the fingers but not too bad.

    I started with S RJays short summer gloves that I still use every now and then just because I got used to them. But when I was learning they caused me a bit of trouble as in my newbie head, comfort took precedence over throttle control. The result was an accidental lifting of the front wheel.

    Good luck with your search. If you are small of stature be prepared to work hard to find gear that fits, but eventually you will find the right gear. 
  5. Ha! They all say that! :)
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  6. Female dainese xs gloves fit my other half perfectly and she has TINY hands :p

    You'll find the sizing means nothing but "this size of this brand and model glove is a bit smaller than the next size up of this brand and model, but also a bit bigger than the next size down"

    Let us know if you find a real small fitting one cause I'm looking for a little glove with a bit more protection for when my mrs starts learning to ride...
  7. If you have particularly small hands you may need to track down kids sizes. Although, unless things have changed since my offspring were children, that might be just as hard.
  8. I believe SibiSibi had good results with Five series of female gloves. She'll probably chime in some time soon.
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  9. My wife can vouch, sort of, for their crash-ability. They didn't prevent the broken wrist or thumb, but then again only NOT falling off would have prevented those injuries.
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  10. I have smallish hands with short fingers, I love the five brand, but it really doesn't matter if I endorse them because they still may not fit you well. So you will have to just go to another shop and try multiple types. Gloves are such a big part of enjoying the ride when you are starting out. If you can get a hold of a pair of the 'five brand stunt gloves' to try on extra small you might find a winner. Good luck
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  11. Any of the new AlpineStars gloves with X-Trafit build fit really close, just size appropriately and you're done.
  12. My Mrs can't find any gear to fit her properly. Best to try stuff on as one persons XS may be anothers S and vice versa.
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