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Small torque

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smileedude, May 8, 2015.

  1. No topic thread. Talk about what ever you like.

    On the ride home today I witnessed something amazing. An SUV got stuck half way into a lane on the Southern Cross Drive / Dacey Ave intersection. They were in the inside lane travelling straight across the intersection. They got caught out by a red light and traffic on the other side of the intersection. The car behind got so close he had no where to go. "Oh boy you are not going to be popular" I thought as he bloked a line of atleast 40 cars. Then to my shock the driver decided, I'm not going to be "that guy". He turned left and decided they'd go a block out of the way instead of infuriating everyone. Good on you. A driver with both a social conscience and some lateral thinking.

    Anyway lame story but hey thats how the small torque thread works. Enjoy.
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  2. and in an SUV!
  3. I have a story: I was stuck behind some cars waiting at lights, I wanted to go into a driveway two cars forward which I could see was unblocked. Not enough space to filter along the kerb, as soon as I though sod this and went to filter around the lights changed. "fcuk fcuk fcuk run away" I though, fastest slow manoeuvring I've ever done. I don't know if any of them were hot.
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  4. It's good that you started this thread smileedudesmileedude . Yesterday was the first real time I wished I'd had some sort of recording device when a black Jeep flew out of an intersection and attempted to turn right. He had two lanes to choose from, one was clear and one had me in it. No prizes for guessing which one he picked.

    I don't even feel like ranting about stuff like this anymore. But it would have been a great example of how hi viz vests are useless and practicing to ride defensively or offensively to avoid being mowed down are a better alternative.

    I did get an apology though.
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  5. I'm at a conference and the guy currently speaking sounds like Arnie. What's the bet at some point, during this evenings shenanigans I ask him to say "get to the chopper".
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  6. Ask him where he'll be after lunch...I bet he says "I'll be back"
  7. Tempted... Haven't started drinking yet though.
  8. Dose he have any lumps anywhere so you can ask "is that a tumor?"
  9. Need I remind you two, I'm trying to not do this tonight?
  10. This is so rare, the driver deserves to be applauded and thanked for his social responsibility. Makes me feel like there is hope for humanity after all.
  11. Must he simply spotted a bike to run over?
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