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Small tail bag for seat cowl

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a small tail bag for Daytona 675 with a seat cowl.

    So far I couldn't find anything that suits well. So wonderi if you can recommend something.

    What I want:
    - small, just to fit wallet, phone, spare batteries for camera, piece of cloth to clean visor etc. Not intending to carry much at all.
    - works with seat cowl.
    - preferably easily removable so I can carry it with me when I go for lunch.


  2. Kreiga has some cool stuff. I use a '30 bag (I think) on the rear seat of my Sprint. No reason why you couldn't use something smaller or have a small backpack.

  3. Not going to wear the backpack for that. I do carry one when commuting and need to take laptop or lunch box with me. But backback is an overkill and is distracting for me on the weekend rides.

    I was looking at Kriega US-5. But the main concern is that it won't fit over the seat cowl. Would love to try it before I buy.
  4. I use a Kriega us-20 when commuting on a 2009 daytona 675. There are four loops that installs underneath the seat cowl and the bag clips onto those. Easily fits my 15" laptop, work trousers and shoes. It comes with a removable strap so I can use it like a messenger bag when off the bike. It's probably a bit big for your purposes but a us10 or us-5 would suit. There are also some videos on youtube but they show an older strapping system.
  5. What about a bum bag?
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    I have the US-5, along with several other Kriega bags. The US-5 is an add-on bag, its not really designed to be used as a stand-alone tail pack. It clips on to the other bags and it can also be used as a tank bag with the tank accessory.

    For day trips my favourite is the US-10. I can fit in my puncture repair kit, mini-compressor, spare visor, couple of bottles of water and still have room for more. The Kriega gear is well made and I love the way you can connect the various sizes together to provide additional capacity when required.

    Why not email Kriega and ask about fitting instructions for the Daytona ? I am fairly sure you wont have a problem with fitting, your subframe would be similar to the triple, happy to show you my setup.

    Edit: Also, if you want quick release, buy the US hook straps, they come standard with the US-30, definitely make life easier
  8. I have a small tankbag that holds wallet, phone and gps. fits in my helmet along with my gloves.
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  9. Thanks. That's aprox what I'm looking for. But will need to make sure it works with thr seat cowl.

    I'm anti-tankbag as I'm concerned I'll get distracted by it. But thanks again. I'll only need to try to know for sure.
  10. Cheers. Didn't know that 5 isn't standalone.

    Maybe 10 will do the job for me. The idea of caring a visor is appealing :)

    Can you carry it with you on your next ride? I'm keen to try it and see in flesh.

    Asked them. The 5 won't fit on Daytona with seat cowl. Maybe 10 will. The straps sound appealing too.
    But yeah, I'd love to see it in flesh if you can do that one day.

    At least now I have a hope again with the universal one and kriega.
  11. Of course, not a problem :)
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  12. How 'mini' is this mini-compressor you speak of ?
    Do you have a link or a pic ?
  13. Hi Mick

    I bought this one.


    Its tiny, about the size of 2 packets of ciggys. Fortunately I haven't needed to use it yet so I don't know how long it would take to inflate a tyre from flat., but in an emergency I don't think that matters as long as you can get going again.
  14. I vote the magnetic tankbag, I have a small one just big enough for wallet etc apple drink. The magnets are a bit iffy but its not fallen off yet.
    was $35 from china & sports alpine* logos all over it lol
  15. Nifty little set up.
    The spiel says it can inflate a tyre in 10 minutes.
    Even if it is double that it is still a cheap easy to carry way of getting you home again!
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  16. Yes, and having been caught out once, I know how much a flat tyre can ruin your day, :)
  17. If you want a cheap compact compressor, get one of the cheap 12V ones from any auto shop ($15 - $20) and take the plastic covers off. I've got one wrapped in a bit of bubble-wrap under my seat.
  18. Sounds like the US-10 would suit your needs albeit it'll fit a bit more than the contents you listed and might be a bit on the "floppy" side. I've got the Kreiga US-10 & US-20 bags for my Daytona (bought combined as the "US-30 combo"") and use the loops although I have the pillion pad on mine. The loops will simply fit around the sub-frame tubing under the cowl and stick out the edges. Cut off the excess and heat seal the ends with a lighter or tie an gazillion knots in 'em to take up the excess (which will be a lot).

    Remember, there's been no need to buy the alloy loops as an accessory since 2012 as they will come standard with the bag. (I believe that Kreiga updated their website a while ago to denote this fact... it wasn't the case when I got mine.)

    For a simply day commute to work, I use a medium sized DryRider magnetic tank bag (cost around $100) which holds its shape and presents no problem for a small/medium number of smallish items. The bag isn't waterproof (unlike the Kreiga) but comes with a rain cover (that zips out of a front pocket.
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