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Small seat/tail bag?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BigandY, May 19, 2009.

  1. hi guys,

    does anyone know of someone who makes a reasonably small seat/tail bag? As in, 1/3 the height of a regular tankbag. I could've sworn I'd seen this sort of thing on people's bikes, at least one made by Ventura - but there's nothing but big bulky things on their website.

    I just want it for a few small items (disc lock, sunnies, etc etc).
  2. Send a message to ozyoda and ask him what bag he has got on his bmw, its small and he has it fitted to the pillion seat. I could be wrong , but i think its an Oxford bag.
  3. Those Rjay ones look alright and something that I will look into.

    However, if the OP wants a seat bag consider a Ventura seat bag. There area couple of types. A strap arrangement with four clips attaches to the seat and you clip the seat bag to it. Mine can be expanded to double its height and can carry my lunch, a pair of overalls and other assorted paraphenalia that I carry to work.

    But it has one drawback - its handle is on one side so anything in it will be up ended if you carry it that way. ie. picture a plate with spaghetti on it suddenly pitched on its side because its owner forgot....

    A magnetic tank bag with a couple of handles so I can simply grab and go would be ideal for me. But again, I'd have to be able to carry it upright via the handles.
  4. +1 Shelly. Great little units!
  5. Yes, they are a nifty idea. I think mine's the Misano. Whatever, I can unzip it to double its capacity or have it smaller for when I use it for work.

    Dunno if I can cram all my stuff in it when I go on an overnighter, though.

    What would you need?

    * Jeans
    * shirt
    * Jumper
    * shoes
    * socks and underwear
    * toiletries.

    Could you fit all that stuff into it? I seem to overfill my Ventura bag that fits on the rack, let alone the seat bag.

    But then maybe I just take too much crap along...
  6. I recently bought myself the Ventura Imola seat-bag from AMX for $120. It's fantastic! Easily fits my helmet and gloves in it.

    It comes with a seat-bra so you can easily fit/remove the bag using the quick release buckles. I think it is 15L and expands to 22L.

    Awesome product. Two thumbs up! There are four different sizes available:

    Misano - 10L
    Assen - 14L
    Estoril (Expandable) - 15L
    Imola (Expandable) - 22L
  7. Yep that list is what I would take along. It all fits in with just enough room. For shoes I usually take thongs, so they don't take up much room. And just a light jumper, so that won't take up much room either, or wear it under my jacket when I'm riding so it doesn't need to go in the bag. And toiletries I have travel size of everything especially for weekends away, so they don't take up much room either. Pretty good going for a girl if I do say so myself! :LOL:
  8. hmm, says Emjaye as he bites his tongue (figuratively speaking).
  9. whats wrong with the Ventura sports bag if that all you want 'BigandY'.....
  10. You are not looking closely enough.
    I have both the Aero and the sports bag
  11. I concur
  12. If you are only after a small bag i find this one handy, "Oxford Tank 'n' Tailor"



    Can be mounted on the seat or used as a magnetic tank bag, has all the required attachments, and is pretty cheap at around $60 (you don't need to pay Ventura tax :) ).....it is small though.
  13. I am looking for a tail bag as well, that oxford is one I am looking at.
    Is it annoying to get on and off every 30 min or is it just a quick clip to get it on and off?
  14. In that particular bag there isn't a "quick release", it's 4 bungee and an optional Velcro underseat strap for the seat mount and magnets + (optional if you trust the magnets, i do) steering head strap when used as a tank bag.

    The higher model oxfords use a mount+bag system, where you separate the bag from the mount (which stays on the bike) which I imagine is much quicker. Of course they sell all the mounts separately to the bags, which gets more expensive.

    I can get the bag on and off my bike in seconds, especially when used as a tank bag, i find the magnets are plenty to hold it secure.

    It is small though, you'll never fit a helmet in it, a pair of boots or a bike jacket is stretching it. I have found it fine for an overnighter, excellent for daytrips, big enough for bits and pieces, small enough to not notice it is there either on the tank or seat.

    The bungies/magnets live (strapped up tidily) under the bag all the time, you can remove the actual straps if you like, but the magnets can't be removed.

    some bikeshops will let you have a go at putting it on your bike before purchase, this was important to me as the seat and tank on the Spada are fairly narrow, many of the other bags hung over the edges or got in the way of steering.
  15. Thanks,

    Tank bags seem to be an issue becuase of the shape of the Er6 tank. So I am looking for a tail bag, just something for the wets and work lunch.
  16. I think there's a reasonable chance this bag would work on the tank of a Er6, it's worth finding a shop that will let you try. I'd be concerned about taking it on and off the tank constantly though, sooner of later it will mark if you allow dirt to get between them.

    The bag would be perfectly sized for what you have in mind.