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Small exhaust pipe mod/repair - any advice?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by supernatural_18, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    I understand this is a little difficult to explain without pics of my own bike but here goes.

    I bought a VTR250. It has a custom exhaust (sounds great), however im not happy with the way it mounts. The muffler rests on the side of the swingarm when its on the stand, but with load on the bike it just misses the swingarm..
    Basically, the new muffler doesnt run parallel to the swingarm, it converges on it near the rear shock. At the moment it slips onto the header exhaust with a steel sleeve which also isnt sealing very well.

    I think i need a bend in the header pipe to make the muffler parallel and stop it rubbing on the swingarm, and also weld it straight to the muffler to stop the air leak.

    I got these photos off you-tube (This is NOT my bike) (If you can imagine mine doesnt have the curved bit so the muffler is angled quite dramatically)



    Where can you get these bits for a bike exhaust? Can i then take it to an exhaust dealer and get him to weld it all up for me?

  2. Another noob NR with no information in their profile?? :?

    Prolly best to take it to an exhaust crowd like Megacycle in Dandenong Melbourne.
  3. It's probably a bike that was dropped onto the muffler and buggered it,
    and the muffler was replaced with a cheap used ebay one that isn't quite right
    for the bike. If you send some real photos we will know. And do tell
    us where you live so we know which shop to send you to.
  4. Im in the greensborough area. And the bike hasnt been dropped i have the original exhaust in perfect condition.

    All im after is whether an exhaust place would do this type of repair, and roughly how much. I know what shops are around my area.
  5. OK in that case I reckon it's just the wrong exhaust for the bike, but you could customise it to fit by getting Megacycle or someone else to make a connector tube.
    Ring 'em up. Some will, some won't. A lot of shops now concentrate on
    only fitting pre-manufactured bolt-on solutions and won't touch a custom