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Small, cheap and fast.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Parkaboy, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Is what all my ex's call me, but im after a bike that fits this profile too.

    Its just for around city/urban riding. I was considering getting a new street triple because it would be perfect... but I think I might get a cheap second-handy of any other bike I can afford.

    Anyone got any good recommendations? I like the look of naked bikes... and have even considered a hyosung gt650... but I would prefer reliablity too...

    What would be a good model to look out for? and by cheap i mean CHEAP as in under $7000, as new as I can get.

  2. mate if u can find a triple for under 7k, dont hesitate, hand over the cash, enjoy the ride
  3. Sorry mate, I see how the post was misleading. I just meant get any second hand bike thats cheap enough and isnt as useless as tits on a bull.

    I edited the first post.
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  5. on bike sales there's a few Gsx-r 600 yellow bumblebee paint for about that price...
  6. Honda Hornet 600 perhaps.
    Or maybe consider a DRZ400SM or XT660 motard.
  7. City and urban commuting? Motard or big trailie without any question.

    I'm old and fat so I bought a DR650. Being smaller and younger, look at the DRZ as jd suggested. You should get one no more than a year or so old within your budget.
  8. SV650/DR650/Motard Anything.

    Don't buy any inline four. They are for homos.

    Pat, chuck up a review of the DR650 sometime.
  9. Sheesh, goes to show how much attention I pay!
  10. Small, Cheap and Fast

    somehow I keep on seeing this bike when i think of the above

    i googled "motorbike small cheap fast"

    and it got me the same thing, freaky

  11. like the sign says you cant get all three things at the same time

  12. DL650 Vstrom.