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Small Bikes for Big People

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dirrin, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all i live in VIC and am looking at getting my 1st bike which of course means a 250cc. and was just wondering what would be good for a person of my size im about 6ft and 100kg i was looking at a ZZR 250 but now im not sure about it

  2. i don't know much on heights (let alone much about bikes -- i just ride 'em :p)

    if you can beat a 6ft'2 90kg on a CBX250, you're laughing :)
  3. Hi Dirrin,

    I am a fraction shorter than you and more than a fraction heavier :grin: and I couldn't see myself fitting comfortably on some of those small 250's.

    I went with a Hyosung GT250 as both their 250 and their 650 use the same sized frame. Worked well for me - plus they were a cheap bike.

    All I can say is try a few out and go with one that you feel comfortable on.

  4. Im in the same situation as you... lookin around for a 250 and Im a bit taller than you but slightly lighter...
  5. i had a zzr250 and my best mate is 6'4 112kg, he had no dramas... you'l be right.
  6. I'm 6'3, ~95kg and I've done 30000k on a zzr250 with a few 1000k+ days with no real dramas.
  7. im 6'5" and ride a zzr250. I would like a bigger one like the gt250R but beggers cant be choosers. I am quite comfortable on mine. Also try the across i sat on one and it felt fine as well. Good luck with it all :)
  8. tall guys don't have problems on zzr250s from what I've seen .. they just look a bit silly ;)
  9. Feel free to come try my bike on for size. Being an inline four it has more poke than the ZZR too (about 25%). Details in my sig.
  10. I am 6'2" tried a ZZR and a GPX, knees up on both of them, whilst you can do it, it would just look pretty funny.

  11. it looks rockin! :grin:
  12. I wouldn't worry about looking funny. The main concern is if your comfortable. When your tall your choices are limited so you can have the best of all worlds. Besides you can get a bigger bike when you upgrade once off your restrictions
  13. Thanks all i think ill go down to Sumoto to sit on a few bikes (dw i wont buy one from there :)
  14. G'day all from another newbie!

    A slight twist on the original question - I am 6' 90kg and my wife is 5'2" 45kg - which single bike would suit both of us for the early period?

    I am thinking of the Hyosung Aquilla and similar cruiser style, and given my wifes weight and size, a 250 version - although I am aware a lot of people suggest the larger version is a better long term bet - but am concerned at the early confidence phase where a lighter bike may be easier to handle....

    I appreciate experiencd considrations....thanks
  15. If you're not doing big highway K's have a think about a chookie. An older XR or XT/TT may be the go and cheap to run if on roadish tyres.
  16. I've done my L's and P's on Postie Bike (CT 110cc) with my 110kgs :)
    I didn't have any issue with riding or bike itself.
  17. If that's true then I dont think I will have issues on a 250!!!