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Small bike for a big man

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by saaaahm, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. So ive recently moved to the city to start a new job and from the amount of traffic i have to contend with coming home ive decided a bike would save me over an hour per day of raging out in my cage at taxi drivers.
    My question is though, is there anybody out there my height or taller(6'4") and around my weight (90kgs) riding a 250 comfortably? Im not real worried about top speed as the fastest i can go getting to work is 100km/h and that is only for about 1km, although a bit of grunt would be nice for doing a bit of weekend riding. Ive ridden a mates Cbr250rr but not too keen on it, and from what ive heard about hyo's i would prefer something a bit more reliable. Price isnt really a concearn but wouldnt like to be spending too much more than $10 grand including everything (bike, rego, gear, insurance). Any suggestions to have a look at would be great. Thanks

  2. From your requirements, at a guess something like a gpx250/zzr250/ninja250 would be good, or a vtr250, suzuki accross, or any road/trail bike (nice on height, but if your commute is too long, gets a bit uncomfy). IF you can get your hands on one, a honda cb250f (hornet) is a big bike with a 250 in it, and they look the sex.
  3. You wouldnt be the biggest person on a ZZR/GPX or Across.
    Plenty of threads on NR asking the same question.
    Try on as many as you can and see what fits and as above dont rule out older trail bikes (chookies)

    Edit: You'll be well and truly on the road at half your budget. (I'll have the change!)
  4. And if you do like the gpx/zzr250 you can pbly pick them up cheap new because of the new ninja250 coming this year to replace them both.
  5. The new Ninja 250 is only 6499 + orc which is very good. Why buy old when you can buy new!
  6. Why spend $7000+ on a bike when you can spend $5000 and get an extremely similar bike thats not even "old" as per say. I could imagine the $2000 going to better use (gear, training)
  7. I know but if he has the money to burn why not! Then in 12 months you could buy it cheap off him on the second hand market! :cool:
  8. 10 grand is waaay more than you need for a 250 + gear. As far as big 250s go try tracking down a Suzuki Bandit 250. It's basically just a sleeved down 400 so is about as big as a 250 gets and you should have no problems finding a decent one for 3-4 grand. Aus-delivered version would be the best option but even the grey import models are still good (all the parts are the same).
  9. Naked 250 is teh go here, the VTR is a great bike. However, plenty of excellent 500's that make great commuters and the fuel consumption will not be much greter, but you'll have a much more tractable bike for commuting. Considering you are in QLD, you can do teh course to get you straight onto a larger bike.
    GPz500, ER-5, KLE 500 and that style of bike all great choices for daily commuters for a bigger guy. Forget being "able" to ride a 250, buy something a bit bigger and be comfortable.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Oh, i should of probably pointed out that i have an unrestricted license, ive just only ever ridden dirt bikes and my dads old bmw and its waaay to big to go filtering in between cars so im really only looking at a twofiddy. I would definitely go a larger bike if i was looking at it as a sole/primary form of transport but im really just looking to bypass the traffic at the airport roundabout at peak hours, its about a 16km round trip but it takes me a good hour and a half each way because of how congested it gets. Thanks for the suggestions so far, and id like to keep things as cheap as possible, 10 grand is my absolute max but i wouldnt want to go anywhere close to that if i can help it.
  11. in that case you could end up with a brand newish gs500f, kwaka has a great range of 650 twins (er6's and versys) You could also try a klr650 etc etc.
  12. Yep you will get a better bike for the same price if you look at 600cc or thereabouts
  13. If you're looking to cut an hour out of your traveling time, then you must be in the midst of some pretty thick traffic. I would say a small naked bike like a CB250 or Yamaha Scorpio would do the job nicely. These are small light nibble bikes that allow you to maneuver through the traffic with ease. Being upright bikes, you should have enough room on them, but I would recommend you try them out first before you buy.
  14. Yeah anybody who knows how bad the Brisbane airport arterial gets of a morning and afternoon would understand what i have to contend with. Its not so bad when im working night shifts but when im on during the day its an absolute nightmare :evil:
    Thanks for all the suggestions, ill go have a look around when i next have a few days off and all going well i should have some sort of 2 wheeled transport again very soon :grin:
  15. Oh well in that case I completely understand, I drove down to BDO and my GPS had first said I was arriving at 5, but after being in brissy for a bit, 6:30 was the time we got there :( (staying at the gc)
  16. i went out looking today and found a private sale 2006 Honda CBF250 with around 5000km on the clock for 3 grand which is an awesome price IMO. Its only a one cylinder so im not expecting to get great performance out of it at all but i expect it to be somewhere in the performance band of a scorpio or an old cb250. It seemed pretty solid from what i saw of it and from the 2 or 3 minutes i spent riding it up and down the guys street it seemed like it would do the job. He also had a couple of other bikes in his garage so ive no doubts he ran it in correctly. He doesnt care when it gets sold so he is gonna hold it till i tell him yay or nay. Has anyone had experience with these piles? Have they got any known fatal issues?
  17. I didn't have any issues when I test rode one, I just didnt like it. Go try a scorpio first, some people like them a lot more then the cbf250.

    However it does sound like a good price, maybe too good.
  18. Yeah seems like a bargain of the century. At $3000 and 5K on the clock you can't get that much better than that for a first bike.