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small apparel outlets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jono454, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. im new to riding and want to kit myself out. i'd prefer to do it all at the one store if possible, but im not a fan of massive places like mcas/bikebiz. id prefer to take my business to a smaller outlet where i can get a bit more of a personal touch as far as customer service is concerned. my lack of experience with gear has already cost me... already been taken for a ride when i bought a shift leather jacket that is too large for me, and now im stuck with it.

    i just want quality, good fitting gear.

    can anyone recommend a store in sydney that could do this for me? right now im after a jacket (either textile or leather), gloves and a pair of draginns. prepared to spend around 1k on these three items, including a ceiling of 700 on the jacket

    edit: specifically im after a shift 967 jacket. have found a couple online through stores in qld and vic, but i wanna try one on to get the sizing right here in sydney

  2. Not sure whether i'd classify it as small but i've found Action on Wentworth Street pretty good (definitely carry Shift). You could also try Motorino on William Street.

    I've found both of these stores are more than happy to order in anything you might want if they don't have it in stock if you know exactly what you want (including size).

    good luck!
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  4. For small shop with good old fashion personalised attention you can-t go past Brian Connors at Brookvale (Northern Beaches).

    And Weaponry Motorcycling at Mona Vale. I'm not sure if Weaponry carries out a lot of gear tho.

  5. how bigs the big jacket and whats it worth to sell.
  6. check out the for sale forum.