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QLD Small accident - should I proceed with claim?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by speccy, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. So in November last year I was involved in a small accident on Ann St in Brisbane). A taxi did that stunt where they change through a couple of lanes in one move, through traffic. Although I was able to get rid of lots of speed quickly, I still ran into his driver door. I would only have been doing 40 as it was peak hour. Anyway, I fell off but had no injuries - like I said, I was able to nearly pull up in time.

    Because I hit his door, my bike basically slid up the side of his car until it hit the curb, where it fell on it's other side. So there is minor fairing damage on both sides, mirrors, handlebar ends, foot peg has a crack. However, these are all pretty small, I wouldn't even care normally - you could probably get worse dropping it in a carpark a couple of times. So I got his details and I told my insurance company the day after (I have comprehensive with InsureMyRide) but I haven't gotten a quote yet. Meanwhile, it's mid January now - is it too late to get this looked at?

    I'm worried the cab driver will say that either the damage was not from him (it was) or that it wasn't his fault, which is laughable but it'd be my word against his. There were heaps of witnesses who even yelled at him at the scene when he said "mate you know I indicated..." but I didn't get their details - I guess I a bit stupid at the time.

  2. Call the insurance company and take it from there.
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  3. Be very, very carefull when it comes to taxis. The are shifty as all fcuk and will try anything to pin it on you.
  4. You shouldve claimed it straight away. And the answer is: fcuk yes you should. You just don't know what other damage there is without an assessment, and seeing its not on your $, do it!
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  5. That sucks mate, at least there were no injuries. As others have said it may be hard to prove.

    I know you didn't mention it but did you happen to call the police or at least file a report?

    If not he couldn't he technically just deny it?
  6. Stop wasting Police resources reporting minor incidents.

    You should have reported it straight away, but hey not everyone does.
  7. If you haven't reported it to police yet; therefore, it hadn't been investigated to find who was at fault / witnessed etc.. Therefore no incident number. I think you'd struggle.
    As mentioned, dodgy taxi driver, could say you merged into him!
    Also, if it hasn't been reported to police yet.... there is a ticket for failing to report an accident.
    And if you try and claim the damages through your own insurance, the excess may be more than the repair bill, and an increase will be on the cards for next year.
  8. Don't want to give you any false hope, but the same thing happened to a mate middle of last year & he still hasn't heard anything. In most cases they repair the taxi straight away, so they don't lose out on any fares. Sometimes the claim is not worth the hassle for their rating, so they let it go. The mate had only minor damage as well.
    Hope it works out for you in the end.
  9. Go ahead and claim. You already said you notified the insurer and have just not yet gone to get a quote. Sooo...... Get a quote. Time limits don't matter too much.

    Also, if you have already notified your insurer then im guessing you have notified them of the circumstances and the Taxi's details. If they are doing their job AND you have given them all the info, they have probably already contacted the Taxi to discuss fault and get prepared for a recovery. So i wouldn't worry about an argument, that;s the insurers job, not so much yours at this point.

    Long story short, get the damn quote and get it fixed. At the least a quote is a good idea to check there are no safety issues rising from the accident.
  10. Whether you claim or not depends on a few factors, not the least of which is how much your excess is. Is it worth loosing any no claim bonus/
  11. If he's not at fault, there is no excess, and it doesnt change his no-claim discount if he has one.

    Thats where you gotta do it quick, while the taxi is still there. Gotta report these things mate. At least it was one where you could walk away :)
  12. Thanks for all of the advice everyone. A claim is already in - I'll proceed with getting the quote for repairs on Monday morning!
  13. Excuse me?
  14. Let us know how this pans out.

    It'll be interesting to know what happens in this case considering all the circumstances:
    • Not reported to police, therefore no incident report
    • Time lapse before getting quote
    • Involved with scum, oops I mean taxi driver
    • Is there a ticket for failing to report an accident?
    • No witnesses
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    Care to rephrase that please considering I drove a taxi and then limo for 10 or so years? With no accidents against my name.

    To the OP.
    Continue with the claim. Taxi's operate a self insurance scheme that fixes there own cars but hold Third party insurance for situations like you.

    Your insurance company will deem if its their fault or not and will make all claims to the taxi company on your behalf. you should get the repairs done with $0 excess if its deemed not your fault and you have the evidence to prove it.
  16. No, not at all. Cab companies are absolute arse holes when it comes to accidents. Seeing you never had a crash, which is not what I implied, you have nothing to get upity about.
  17. And again your wrong Cab companies don't 3rd party insure Each individual Taxi has its own 3rd party insurance. The mistake people make is that ring the radio room instead of the owner of the cab.
    And yes I can its a bit like you defending retail/ small business when other generalise about. I can do the same.
  18. So are you suggesting Taxi drivers are shifty as fcuk when it comes to accidents? Becuase that's what I've experienced and they are known for it.

    Don't know why you're getting your frilly knickers in a knot, when you know there is an overwhelming number of shifty taxi drivers/owners/companies.
  19. In this case the cab driver admitted fault on the scene after I explained why indicating is not enough for pushing through lanes. So it will be interesting to see what happens. There seems to be a few range of opinions here, so I will definitely report back what actually happens.

  20. That's a bit harsh.