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VIC Small accident, not at fault, no insurance though!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Nucleotide, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I've just had a small accident where by owner of a gigantic 4x4 has stopped in the road. I've pulled up behind him and then all of a sudden he has stuck it in reserve and hit the gas.

    This is resulted in the fairing over the front wheel and the front fairing surrounding the head lights sustaining damage. Thank ***k he didn't keep reversing otherwise it could have been much worse.

    I told him I had insurance, which to my knowledge I did. Turns out, I don't. :( I was due to trade in the bike on a new one this coming weekend - which will no longer be happening - and thought I had at least another month or so left on my policy.

    What is go here? I've never been in an accident before, never had to claim, and certainly never expected to not be insured when I need it. Can I still claim... some how?

    I guess I'm going to be accepting full responsibility for not being insured - even if that means I never see a cent from anyone. I should have been a little more on the ball in this regard - especially considering I'm on a 2012 1K blade.

    I guess I'm bloody lucky that it was only a minor accident, and the bike is still ridable.
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  2. Did you have a helmet cam on at the time? Witnesses?
    Get his insurance details?

    You can still claim, against his insurance. But without proof, he could easily say you ran into him, and his insurance are going to back him. Suddenly you're at fault and you get a bill to fix his damage.

    If you had insurance, they'd fight on your behalf.

    Good luck
  3. So you didn't take his details?

    Sorry dude but if so that was a big mistake. Even if you had insurance you still get his details, otherwise the insurance company will make you pay the excess.
  4. Just hope that he isn't a prick and says you rode up his arse to save paying excess. Could end up paying for his damage as well.
  5. Sorry, I should have added a few extra details. Still a little pissed off and not thinking straight.

    We did exchange contact details. I've got his name, number, address, rego, etc. He took mine as well.

    Believe it or not, an off duty highway patrol cop seen the whole thing and offered to be a witness. I couldn't believe it when he walked up to me and offered. :D

    I do have a helmet cam but... I wasn't wearing it. Took it off a few days ago to download footage and recharge, never put it back on. It's always the way - the day you need it, you don't have it. The 'years' you have it, everyone drives like a fcuking grandma and nothing ever happens!

    Good to hear I can still claim though. I didn't get his insurance company name. Is that a problem?
  6. There as no damage to his car at all. See above for witness - off duty highway patrol. He said he would happily be a witness. :D
  7. U need to find out his insurance company. Go and get 2 quotes for the damage. Send insurance company quotes along with witnesses details. U may do ok out of this as the bike shop will most likely give a stupid crazy expensive quote and the insurance company will prob send u the $ . Once u have the $ then use second hand parts and do it yourself for way cheaper and keep extra $, happy days
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  8. Unfortunately that makes it a little harder as he has no need to make a claim and you have no representation to make a demand off him. But someone should be along soon to explain how to do that properly.
  9. Easy way is if he has reported it to his insurer and has a claim number. Your mechanic then deals with his insurer using he number.

    Maybe talk to your mechanic anyway. They usually know how to go about it.
  10. You've got a his details and you've got a police officer as a witness on your side. That's gold. It usually doesn't get any better than that. You normally wouldn't need to involve your own insurer unless he stonewalls. He would be a fool to do so in these circumstances. The cop might even do you a favour and remind him of what he saw if it comes to a dispute.
    You need to forward some comparative repair quotes to the driver and give him a chance to do the right thing. Do it quickly though.
    It's up to him to decide whether he claims through his insurance or pays you out himself.
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  11. Agree with Titus. Emphasis on quickly.
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  12. Buy the cop some beer - he won't go out of his way twice.
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  13. Thanks a lot for all the advice. Appreciate it. I'll get some quotes ASAP and give the guy a call and give him a choice of roads to take - claim it through insurance or pay the total sum on the quote. I don't really care - I just want my bike fixed at the end of the day. I will let you know of the outcome. Thanks again. :)