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small 4x4 any thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. hey all just after some thoughts on small 4x4 eg Rav4 etc.. My car is getting written off due to the hail damage and i will be looking for something possibly in this market. I have about 13k to play with. Does anyone own one or have had one ? i have tried to talk the missus out of it in favor of buying a shitty little car for her and getting myself a new bike but she is not to keen (dont know why lol). Id prefer to get something a bit bigger eg hilux but as she will be the one driving it the most in and out of the city everyday it just does not make economical sense . cheers for your imput

  2. The Suzuki Jimny. That's a small proper 4x4. Drinks like a fish from what I can remember, but you can change between rear wheel drive and four wheel or locked four wheel drive. Or was it low gear. Can't remember. Very under powered, very small... Actually I haven't got much good to say about it except it may look cute to certain people and it's a breeze to park in the smaller spaces.
  3. um err thanks lol
  4. I wouldn't call the RAV4 a real 4x4 more like a toy. I personally would not take it on any serious 4x4 tracks.
  5. Don't mess about and just get the Honda CRV. 2.4, not 2 litre.
    Then you can forget about it and get back to interesting things.
  6. I have a 99 Suzuki Jimny bought new and its still running. No major issues and you can buy a heap of stuff from ARB. I put on driving lights and a Bull Bar.
    I have taken it off road and driven up to Canberra. Its not great on the freeway as it has only a 1.3 litre engine but its fine for me as I live in the inner city.

    Jimny has high and low range so can handle off road work Rav4 does not.

    If I didnt have a Jimny I would get a Vitara 1.6 litre or the later 2 litre engine.
  7. The best small current off roader IS the Suzuki Jimny, it's the toughest and the most capable.

    The Suzuki Vitara is also surprisingly good and has more passenger comfort.

    The other small 4x4's are soft roaders and not off roaders (no low range) and/or not enough clearance.
  8. His missus will be driving it in the city every day - a soft roader is exactly what is needed. Honda is the most sedan-like to drive.
  9. +1 on the zook jimny! all other softroaders are for fags

    if you only need it for in town get her a fiesta or something. much better cars to drive
  10. Do you need a true 4wd?

    If yes then the suzuki is a ripper, but if she is driving into the city everyday I would steer clear and get something a bit more comfortable.

    You have told us she wants something smallish to drive into the city.
  11. jeep wrangler.
    A friend had an older suzuki vitara which was great fun with the roof down
  12. I prefer the Vitara to the Jim, or Sierra, they have a slightly wider wheelbase.
    And yes they are a real 4WD
    I personally wouldn’t go near the wrangler. If I wasn’t going the Vit, I’d next look at a Frontera (Or preferably Isuzu MU) or the top pick would be a SWB Paj.
  13. get an FJ40!
  14. Utes hold their value well cause they generally attract no FBT when owned by a business. Otherwise, they're BIG petrol guzzlers (albeit diesel ones bit better)

    Unless you're going seriusly off road, the RAV's are great vehicles. Can do sand OK, and plenty of confidence in smooth gravel. Be my choice of any soft roader

    The Vitara's got more 4WD potential, but "in and out of the city everyday" seems more like the higher driving position seems a bit more of a priority.....

    In between, the X-Trail with plenty of variants covering a heap price points
  15. I've owned a couple of Suzuki Vitaras. Great car, reliable, fuel efficient, small and nippy for city driving. I Loved it. So did the ladies actually (or maybe that was just because I was driving it :driver:)

    The Vitara has some real off road capability. The other alternatives, such as the RAV4 and CRV are "soft roaders", built for soft people :)
  16. no real off road stuff will be done , just your normal dirt road stuff to and from going out on the dirtbike.
  17. The RAVs are meant to be good for what they really are. I'm looking for an old Vitara at the moment, because of the more realistic off road ability, but if that's not what you need, then go for a RAV or CRV - although both of them in early 2.0L variants are a bit underpowered. Thought about a Forester? More car-like body, handling and dynamics, although slightly higher driving position than standard. The turbos especially are great fun...
  18. jeep wranglers are gay.
  19. dont buy a jeep what ever u do, i used to work in jeep parts, parts prices are bloody ridiculous
  20. Suzuki Vitara.

    Cheap, reliable, and I have seen them get places Hiluxes, Patrols and Landcruisers haven't been able to get.
    Also fine around the city and not too horrible on fuel.