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SM vs Chihuahua

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Ljiljan, Oct 12, 2011.

  2. this made me lolz alot.
  3. haha very good!
  4. hahahahha
    oh man i get dogs barking at me all the time on the DR
    scares the living shit out of you when a ute goes past going the opposite direction and you just suddenly hear this dog in the tray threatening to kill you
  5. its great when you're splitting and all of a sudden theres a dog going nuts a foot from your helmet :p
  6. you're not wrong hahaha
  7. Had that happen to me once, but the dog wasn't going nuts...I was stuck beside a ute because there was a car to the left that just came out of a service lane and was parked on an angle at the lights. As I stopped I looked at the dog...surprisingly quiet, then it goes up to me, gave my helmet a sniff and licks my visor as the lights went green...for the rest of the trip, the right side of my visor had dog drool all over it. Made my day though haha.
  8. I had a dickhead passenger in the next lane "bark" at me yesterday; it's not the first time either but it amuses rather than frightens me (as I think it's supposed to...)
    Oh and Mrs K has a chihuaha, so I thought the vid was hilarious.