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SLW Update???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. SLW is Army slang for Sick Lame and Wounded.

    We've got a running thread on Mickey's recovery, but how are, does anyone know;





    Mick ??
  2. Lenna has written a novel of the past years events.....just waiting on my to proof read it :oops: :shock: me proof reading something..... :LOL:
  3. Terrific, I look forward to that.

    Just sometimes I worry that these folk are out of sight and can also drop out of mind. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks about them often :).
  4. Stewy, if I can help let me know. 'Tis what I did at TAFE, also what I've done freelance off and on since :)

    Not novels specifically, but stories, catalogues, websites etc :)
  5. Lenna seems ok, but stewy has me worried
  6. Since i'll be in Melb and PI this weekend, anyone know if any of the "SLW" will be around ?

    I would not mind having a SLW meet !
  7. Sophie is doing pretty good health wise it seems but having a heap of trouble with regards to transport from talks I've had with her at hydrotherapy (I have a session that is at the same time as hers on Thursdays) so we usually have a talk and update each other on stuff. Her partner had his 675 stolen and it's being a pain for her to try to get TAC to allow transport costs reimbursements as he takes the car now and she doesn't have a way (at least not being costly) to get to physio etc at present. That's what I know of her anyway, probably 2-3 weeks since we spoke last at hydro.
  8. I can probably (Bundy) overproof read stuff ;)

    And great thread idea - will be good to hear how all of them are doing.
  9. not sure if what lenna's plans are this weekend....i got some stuff to finish before my new neighbors move in at the end of the month :wink: and we have something on saturday during the day and we aren't going down to the gp this year so not sure, but i am sure if something happens she will probably try and make it :)
  10. I'm arriving at Tullamarine on Sat morning 7am.
    I'm hiring a car to drive to PI.
    Meeting with some other Melb friends for brunch, we could do a Melb thing before I drive down to the island.

    I think its good to talk to other fallen riders as part of the "getting on with it" rehab. Anyway, i'm mobile around Melb this weekend.