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Slumlord [update]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by metalpetal, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Hoping someone on here has some useful advice/knowledge.

    My one year lease finishes at end of this month.

    Slumlord phoned me at beginning of Feb to see if I would be staying. I am used to landlords not bothering with the paperwork once they know you're solid, you pay on time, etc etc.

    Anyway once I said yes, he said he was increasing rent by $15 a week.

    I was a bit shocked at that, but whatever, media beat ups about rental market at the moment etc.

    Say it's a lot but agree to it. Hear nothing else.

    Then the new lease arrives yesterday. He's actually put the rent up $23 a week. Alnost $100 a month. I live on my own. This is crap.

    I am thinking of just posting it back to him with a post-it-note saying he's miscalculated as my first course of action.

    He can then try and grow the cajones to negotiate properly, and give me the option of choosing to vacate the premises if I don't want to pay the full increase.

    Does anyone have any advice about anything esle I should be doing with Dept of Consumer Affairs or whatever to help record the negotiations/potential dispute.

    What an A-hole!
  2. The discrepancy may be the way rent is calculated and he may have not done anything wrong.

    When you divide the amount of rent paid on a per-calendar-month basis by 4 you get a higher figure than the weekly amount. This is due to the variance in the number of days per month (some have 30 or 31 days not 28 days).

    Try this, take the amount of rent per week you expect to pay, multiply it by 52 (to get an annual figure) then divide it by 12 (to get a monthly sum), that's how it done.


    $300 per week times 52 = $15,600 per year, divide by 12 months = $1,300 per month.

    When you multiply $300 x 4 it is only $1,200 and you think you are overcharged by $100 but you aren't.
  3. SA should have a body like the Rental Bond Board which adjuticates such matters. He probably knows he can get even more than that if you don't proceed (assuming you haven't SIGNED a new lease) so he's hoping you'll leave, but he can't evict you because you're a good tenant. Get the relevant government body onto it quickly; he really can't raise the rent by massive percentages, and certainly not without a lot of notice.....
  4. Unfortunately it's not a calculation error. I pay my rent PCM already so had done the sums and have reverse engineered his maths in case I was having a momento bionda.

    He's trying it on. But thanks for your lovely,long, attentive post on the matter.
  5. unfortunately with out a written statement or a voice recording of slumlord saying there was going to be a $15 increase, nothing can really be done as, unfortunately the only papaer work you have recieved says a increase of $23 applies

    really sucks when people, do things like this i had thesame problme with my bike services where the shop owner would say one figure then charge me another when i actually got it done

    without a written contarct, the origianl increase can not be enforced :(
  6. Thanks - I've looked over there and there is not exact advice on new lease/old tenant.

    I haven't signed new lease. The cash is an issue. The shortage of decent accom for people who like living on their own here in the "great city to bring up kids " (Bleagh) is also an issue.

    I am probably going to have to just wear it.

    And yes, he could probably get more for the place. People are asking silly amounts of money at this moment in time. Of course they will all be expecting sympathy when the market takes another direction and their investment strategies head south.

    Maybe I should be thinking about ivesting in something other than good times and scooter bling - start beating the buggers at their own game.

    I will get onto rental tribunal on Tuesday and see if there's not something I can do. The ethics of negotiating one price, then sending a contract with a different price, are pretty reprehensible.
  7. Bloody hell. When the hot water heater blew up last wek I thought it was his bad karma. Looks like he's decided I'm paying for it.

  8. That's precisely my point; I think you will find that even though it's his property and he can do what he likes with it, the law prevents him from extorting unfair rent increases..... At least in NSW the law is definitely on the side of the tenant. (Spoken by a professional tenant, with over 30 year's experience in three states :LOL:).
  9. Interestingly the increase he has "renegotiated" is 10%. Which I think is the maximum you can raise it.

    There is some info on the tenancies website that says you have to give notice of a rent increase in writing eight weeks in advance, but as this is a new lease it is a grey area.

    At least I now know what I will be doing in 12 months from now.


    Neighbours have informed me that regualr increases have been responsible for a lot of movement in this place. Silly man should amortise out the time the place ends up vacant between tenants.
  10. As someone who has had extensive experience with dodgy landords and also as a property manager, the general maintenance of "natural wear and tear" is NOT the tenants responsiblity!

    Check your lease to see if it states that these issues are the responsibilty of the tenant (which i can assure you , i have never heard of).

    Do you rent it privately or through an agent?

    If through private, most landlords think they arent bound by any laws so they try and use coercion to "bully" their tenants. Make sure you read your lease thoroughly and highlight any details that you could use as evidence through the Tenancy Tribunal.

    The Tenancy Tribunal is the best way to go as they can advise you on all the laws and regualtions for you circumstance and you can then make an informed decision on the best way to go. Let us know how you go. :)

    Good Luck!

  11. Also one last thing that i forgot, from memory, a londlord is entitled to increase the rent as per the annual CPI Index in the state that the property is located in.
  12. Ahhh! That's very handy. Thanks.

    Yeah - I get it the hot water heater is not my fault, but I can just imagine how his little mind was working. I rent privately. Never my preferred option, it always turns weird, one way or another, but if it's the best property when you're looking...(sighs)
  13. Yep 8 week notice for an increase is correct. Also you actually don't have to sign a new lease to continue renting the property you can just go on to month by month basis. He still has to give you 8 weeks notice of a rent increase and also can not make a rent increase above 10% per year. So just play hardball don't sign the new lease and take your time to find a new place this year :wink: :grin:
  14. Thanks everyone. Some good advice in there.

    I'll let you know how it goes.
  15. Am I the first person to read this thread and has seen Jeremy Hotz stand-up comedy?

    Metalpetal - is that where you got the word "slumlord" from? :)

    Call your landlord - don't say anything about who said what etc. There are HORROR stories floating around about tenants from hell.
    Despite predicitons about the rise in rent costs in Sydney, I also heard a real estate agent say that it's a lot more important to a lot of landlords to have reliable tenants who don't wreck their place.

    Just say you'd like to renew the lease but you just can't afford it - see what he says ^_^

    ... or find some hot girl/guy to move in with you and pay half the rent!
  16. On the other hand, if the Landlord does not want to proceed with a monthly
    contract the tenant may instead receive a Notice to Vacate.

    Given the current market, its easy to replace the tenant with someone willing
    to pay over-market rates.
  17. Which I have to say is the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning. I will probably end up wearing it. That or ending up in something crappy in less fab location for more money...which is how realestate.com was looking when I looked at it today.
  18. Unfortunately for tenants, thats the nature of the beast these days metalpetal.

    Still ring the owner & find out what happened/get explanation and take it from there.

    Too bad youre not one of my tenants dude.

    I only very recently increased rent by a pissy $25pcm & thats the first increase any
    of them have had from me in the last 5yrs. The way I see it is they've looked after me
    immensly & this is one way I can look after them.
  19. Thanks for your kind words MG.

    Landlord will just have a different relationship with me from now on. I generally let him know what's going on in the group (like the new neighbour with all the great ideas for spending money on improvig the group) and I've always spent money improving things.

    If he wants to come in to do repairs I just let him come in while I'm at work.

    Different ballgame now.
  20. It gets better - he's inserted a clause saying motorcyles can't be parked at the premises.

    I checked with Residential Tenancies and they said he's having a lend and won't be able to make that one stick.