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Sluggish VTR250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by newguy, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My 2005 VTR250 had been riding great, until last night. Was riding home from work and noticed that under heavy acceleration, the bike feeled sluggish and the acceleration pulsed. Under slow but steady acceleration it didnt seem as bad, but when i went to get away from the cars at lights, it felt sluggish like it wasnt reving fully up through the gears.

    the sluggishness was around 5-9k rpm range, and didnt seem to occur in first, but more in second, third and forth.

    I noticed it again this morning when i went for another ride. I warmed the bike up with a bit of choke and set off, and it was there again.

    I havent done any troubleshooting on the bike, because, my knowledge of engines and bikes is fairly lacking (only had the bike 6 months) but am quite handy so hopefully if its a small fix or troubleshoot i can get it done.

    it had been servied approx 2500km ago (approx 32,000km on the clock) and was runnign fine after that. Nothing had been altered prior to the sluggish feeling.

    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction as to what it may be, and what steps to take.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. First guess would be bad fuel, especially if you've recently filled up. I've certainly encountered exactly the same symptoms as a result of that before.

    Could also be fouled plugs, which can be linked to dodgy fuel, so worth checking those as well.

    Edit: Oh and also worth checking the drain on the airbox if there is one. Look for a hose running down from it with a plug in the end, remove the plug and see what if anything drains out.
  3. Thanks jd. will look at that tonight.

    In terms of fuel, im about half way through a tank, so it could be that. or would have those symptoms been present pretty quickly.
  4. my first thought was no fuel... they need that occasionally. even VTR's...

    second thought would be bad fuel, air temp, general servicing (lube chain, check air filter, plugs, tyre pressures, oil) if it's a sudden thing it's more than likely just dodgy fuel... have you done anything odd on it recently?

    the air temp thing may be pertinent as if you've had it 6 months and coming into summer... maybe it's just a particularly hot day and it's making less power cause of that....
  5. fuel? but i put $10 dollars in 3 weeks ago, i thought 250's were cheap to run??

    thanks for the reply TRD, i do look at typre pressure pretty much every couple of days, and generally do a little bit of servicing (chain) every couple of weeks.

    the times that it has happened have been cool nights on the coast, and this moring wasnt very hot either, so i hope that means i can rule air temp out.

    i might drain the tank and put some new fuel in, and see how that goes.

  6. It's not always the case since filling the tank tends to mix things up pretty well. However when you let the bike sit any water in the fuel will separate and concentrate at the bottom, similarly any sludge or fine solids will also settle out and can clog up the fuel filter in the tank.

    I've also had issues with my car in the past having its plugs fouled by something in the fuel which left a bright orange chalky deposit on the plugs - a classic tell of a dodgy servo passing off standard unleaded mixed with tax-free toluene as premium. Ran fine at first but was running like crap after about 1/4 of a tank and nearly killed me when the car struggled to accelerate and I had to pull off the road to avoid being rear-ended by a semi.