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Slowly moving back towards Vic

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Yup seems I'm relocating once again ](*,)

    But it's an offer that I can't refuse. 40% on the tools 60% office
    Car/4wd,Phone,house. 30hr week out of harvest, some sleep during harvest is promised :rofl: ( harvest March till May )
    All up around a 95K package :dance:

    Where ? Narrandera NSW , about a 1.5 hr run till the foothills of the snoweys :angel:

    The job, Service Manager on a 2600acre Almond Farm.
    6000 tonne of nuts per harvest ... a full B/Double = 20 tonnes nuts = 300 trucks @ 6 per day !!

    My Equip to service or contract service repair.
    4x harvesters
    6x self propelled harvest bins
    10x tractors of various sizes and implements
    2x company B/Doubles
    1x truck and dog trailer
    4x modded 4wds [ not road legal ]
    10x 450hp irrigation pumps @ 95+ liters of water a second !
    1 x V10 cat, bore pump that feeds the two above ground dams

    Am I looking forward to it ? Hell Yeah !
  2. Good luck with the new job mate, at that figure I'd take it to, been good riding with ya bob :) enjoy your new territory
  3. Good luck Bob hope it all goes well mate.
  4. That's a lot'a'nuts.. job sounds like a challenge .. enjoy
  5. You'd need some serious nuts to back slowly towards (moderator) Vic...
  6. Congrats on the new gig and good luck with all that it entails!
  7. good news, bob,, some new roads to play on, apart from anything else
  8. Not too far from Rutherglen either, if you're a wine buff.
  9. That's because Melbourne sucks
  10. Have fun down there Bob. You might even get to use some of that cold weather gear you've got :D
  11. Nice one Bob!

    I wont be able to look at almonds the same way again though.
  12. Good things come to good people...I met you at Homebush a few weeks back mate, and along with the other great blokes I met there that day, your advice was invaluable. Cheers and good luck.
  13. Good on yer Bob! And thanks for that time helping me fix my clutch wire.. :wink:
  14. bloody outstanding bob. sounds like a blast. enjoy it mate. :)
  15. Congrats Bob! Pity you're moving away after we all got to meet you at the Terrigal ride.

    I was looking forward to a few good runs up and down the old Pac.

    I hope there's some equally enjoyable rides down there to go with the job!
  16. Close to the snowy's, he will be in riding heaven, congratulations and good luck