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Slowly Getting There

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by SJPJ1982, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. I have now had my bike 2 weeks and I have put a grand total of 26K on it :) Would love to have done more riding but the weather and work have been less than kind.

    Each time I take the bike out I try and take it a little bit further, though my longest continual trip has been 6km.

    I'm getting much more confident with my corners and slow speed maneuvering, but still dont feel up to taking it beyond my quite little area as all the roads here are 4 lane.

    Any tips or hints on things to practice to help me make me most of my currently limited time on the bike each week?


  2. It's difficult to know what you can practise in such a crushingly-limited amount of riding; the motor would barely be warmed up by the time you had to stop......
  3. Where are you located SJPJ1982? You might be able to find some fellow NR's to ride along with as support?

    I'd suggest stick to the roads you're familiar with and persevere with a longer ride.
  4. Get yourself some rain pants (about $35 mine were) and a waterproof jacket and get out in the rain. Take it nice n easy and you'll fast get up the confidence, plus riding in all weather will give you more time to ride :)
  5. How's progress?
  6. Good thanks. I decided stuff it and bought some wet weather pants and resolved to ride work everyday rain hail or shine and magically it fined up on me :)

    But I'm riding to work now. Is only a 14k round trip but was scared as first time. Is getting easier each day.

    Just got to get used to accelerating with traffic I think.