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Slowly cleaning GS500 - Chain & Sprockets this w'end

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bundy, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    bought a GS500 not long ago and have slowly been cleaning it up.

    It was a daily commuter, come hail, fog or rain, so was in need of some attention with general road grime.

    Have cleaned up the frame, around the carbs, and this weekend after reading some advice from NR, tackled the chain with a toothbrush and kero.

    Here's what I started with

    Got a nice result, but hope it doesn't take that long every time. Looks like it hadn't been done in awhile, so next time should be easier.

    Here's how she cleaned up after lubing her up again with some spray on stuff

    Now she is looking her age, a bit younger

  2. much nicer looking now ... obviously not cleaned for quite a while. For a chain that bad, I would be checking for tight spots and the condition of the sprockets. In the photos they don't look that good, but they don't look that bad either.
    Can't wait to see the whole bike cleaned up.
  3. Nice one !
    If I'd only been introduced to bikes as a child, I'd have brushed my teeth alot more often :LOL:
  4. nice work there.
    once clean it will be easy to do every month or so. get two toothbrushes and stick a wedge between the handles and tape them together. speeds up the process as you can do top and bottom at the same time with a single one for the sides.