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Slowly being corrupted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Ok so you guys know I ride the trusty zzr250, but lately I've been having an overwhelming desire to experience a cruiser. Not as an upgrade, but rather I feel like I should cash in the zzr and get a cruiser until I'm off restrictions, just because its something I'd like to try..

    Am I crazy? :grin:
  2. . . . . . its natural Jared !

    If its not a dual-sport i'm longing for . . . I still want to get a mid-sized Scooter !
    Aprilia Sportcity 250ie !!! :LOL:
  3. Yes. A 250cc cruiser isn't a cruiser, it's just a small bike that can't go around corners very well and struggles to do 100kph. If that's what you want then buy a scooter :p :LOL:.
  4. Cruisers need to be fairly big and have fair gobs of torque (power is nice but not essential).

    Medium sized cruisers often tend to be either a bit revvy or a bit lacking in torque so often don't feel quite right.

    Where does the leave small cruisers? Not in the running... :wink:
  5. remember you have lams, it doesnt have to be a 2fiddy ;)
  6. That's right it just has to be gutless! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Or fooken heavy!!!
  8. Jared,
    Save the money for the upgrade dude...
  9. +1 save monies for bigger and better bikes
  10. Dude. You ever ridden a cruiser?? You're more than welcome to come try out my Hyosung GV650 Aquila if you're interested in just seeing what it's like... Just drop me a PM. (I get to fang around on your ZZR though...)
  11. xvs650 custom
  12. Yes, you are crazy. Test ride a few little cruisers and I have no doubt it'll cure you very quickly.
  13. Haha I might take you up on that. Although fanging on a zzr isn't the best experience ever :)
  14. you are just a little envious of my beast, hey jared!!! :LOL:

    It's not always the bike that makes the rider ya know.

    I can give you a go of my honda at McCarrs if you want one day.

    I have a young mate who is always hassling for a go on my bike (and he has ridden it) 'cause he just loves it and he rides a kwaka balius.

    A guy at work is selling his 1999 r6 in PERFECT condition (40k kms and serviced) for $5000 and I was really tempted....................but I resisted (only "cause the wife would leave if I came home with yet another bike............................hhhmm :idea:)
  15. Go do it. You'll never know otherwise. Ride one first though, for chrissakes, they handle like shit but if you're happy to deal with that they certainly deliver a certain feeling...
  16. I've ridden a couple cruisers and they are fine for your older type people, but for the younger types all i can say is don't bother, you can't corner, you have next to no acceleration and they sound like dirt bikes on steroids in high rpm.
  17. And you thought the ZZR250 had no balls......................
  18. again a debate where the less informed are running there mouths
    try a cruiser you might just like it as for no power im sure pete the freak can testify that they go
    sure in really tight twisties a sport bike will go harder but otherwise the (right) cruiser will leave most sport bikes behind
    and at the end of the day who cares what your riding as long as your happy and are riding then thats all that counts
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: