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Slowing down/braking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Macca1983, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hey guys very new rider here, been on my suzuki across nearly a week now. Apologies in advance if this question has been asked and answered before, been busy with work and getting to know my new ride. One thing I'm not too sure of is when slowing down or breaking. Is it best to hold the clutch in and down shift totally while breaking or systematically shift down one gear at a time until your at a stop. I've been doing both not sure what is most efficient and what is best for the bike.
    Cheers in advance!!

  2. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    Shift down the gears one at a time. You will make use of a phenomenon very prevalent in 4 strokes called compression braking, where basically the revolutions of the engine add to braking. If you find that the rear wheel does a little skid as you're doing this, then wait a little longer before down shifting.
  3. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    Generally best to shift down one gear at a time. There are possibly exceptions, but as a beginner, practice doing it one gear at a time, every time.
  4. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    This also won't happen if you blip the throttle.

    While you are learning always click through the gears. In fact in normal situations you can often slow down just by using your gears. If you do that you should press the brake pedal very softly so that your brake-light comes on and cars behind you know you're stopping.
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  5. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    Yeah well I've been chastised for only using the gears to slow down, so maybe it's ok, maybe it's not.
    Yes you can prevent rear wheel locking up by blipping the throttle, but doing this will also cause you to not slow down as quick.
  6. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    Or you can learn to release the clutch smoothly.
  7. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    Once you get the hang of it fully it won't make your stops any longer.
  8. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    Yeah I thought that using the gears for compression breaking was probably the best way just a matter of getting a little more experienced and learning to ease the clutch out better i suppose. Thanks all
  9. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    Agreed. When I first started doing it, definitely increased stopping distance for a while. Then you learn to modulate the throttle blip separately to the braking a lot better, as well as timing it better. There was a thread recently on throttle blipping.
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    When something breaks it's best to slow down.
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    Or you may need super glue or gaffa tape.....:p
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  14. Re: Slowing down/breaking

    I vote Gaffa Tape.

    Was talking to a mate of mine over the weekend and he suggested that with a new bike it might be a good idea to start at low speed and see how the bike reacts when you lock up either the rear or front brakes. Once you learn how the bike reacts at low speed increase speed a repeat. I'm going to try this on the M90 as it's bigger than my last bike and i don't know what the emergency stopping distance is yet.
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    Thanks all, have been practicing smmoth downward gear transitions. Getting smoother but will take practise and experience i guess. As for the rest of the shenanigans going on. I understand the importance of gaffa tape and its magical properties but what the hell is everyone's fixation on MONKEYMAN'S penis?
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