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Slowest Ninja around?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Banana Fred, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. im sure there was a reason for it at the time.

    dont take acid, kids
  3. Aww comon, who can honestly say that triangle wheels don't make it go faster?
  4. would of been cool if they changed the rotors to be triangles too :grin:
  5. from what i can see, those wheels cant actually rotate without hitting the frame. So. Show piece only.
  6. Well now that would just be silly...it wouldn't be able to brake properly.
  7. i just assumed it was photo shopped :p
  8. Maybe it's designed to go up & down stairs? :wink:
  9. It's not a joke. It's a new technology. The "wheels" don't rotate. Rather the tyre tracks around the rim like a tank track. The grip is meant to be phenomenal.
  10. Maybe it's his anti-theft measure... seeing as how all the cops are hooning
    up and down the spur instead of chasing thieves...
  11. would actually be quite an interesting idea. unfortuantely lack of rotating wheels would slightly effect balance. maybe one for the new inventors
  12. Paging Dr. Robsalvv, Dr. Falcon-Lord. Dr. Robsalvv, Dr. Falcon-Lord to the thread please. ;)

    Nah, it'd still work fine (at least for stability).
    (1) For those who feel that the gyroscopic force of the wheels are what makes the bike stay upright, the tracks are still rotating around in a loop and therefore will still create a gyroscopic effect.
    (2) The rake and trail provides most of the self-stabilising force anyway.
  13. there moment of inertia would have to be simlar for it to have the same stabilising effect.

    I think the unsprung weight of the entire mechanism would be pretty horrendous too.
  14. To which I call shenanigans! I see no mechanism to provide power to the tracks, as it contains a standard chain drive to a cog fixed to the hub. The brakes also wouldn't function given the discs are also simply fixed to the hubs also. :p
  15. Any material flexible enough to make those angles, durable enough to last on the road, and yet offers enough grip to make the concept worthwhile would do even BETTER in a standard road wheel configuration, one would think.

    Besides, bending like that causes heat. Heat which only increases at speed, and causes decay. Every snapped a coat hanger by bending it really fast? then touched the end?

    Nah. I think its just art.
  16. Yes but... think of the contact patch... awesome traction!
  17. Apparently the sprocket and brake are attached to a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic "motor" is incorporated in the rim.
  18. That's a damn lie... it hovers... sheesh