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Slowest accident, worst-est injury

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nice2Bnaked, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Just got outta hospital yesterday (friday) after a crash on monday arvo. was riding a friends kx100 2 stroker, out the front of his house. I was doing some wheelies and stoppies, generally showing off (easy to do on a 2 banger dirty). I had been on the back of lukes Gixxer 1000 all day, wearing all the top gear, and got on the dirty with draggins, boots, and helmet. no gloves or jacket. The last stoppie i did was a good one, but a little too high, and as it was coming down i accidentaly rolled on the throttle, in second gear. The rear touched down, pushing the front wheel foreward (under brakes), spitting me off. I landed on my left hand and face. The helmet is wrecked, visor broken and a big crack down the side. if i wasnt wearing it, i might be dead. my hand has 4 breaks and a double dislocation. It didnt hurt on the spot, and i tried popping it back into place while the adrenaline was still there, but no luck. Its since been operated on (thankyou to all the staff and generally sexy nurses at the Austin) with a plate and six screws. very sore, lots of painkillers.
    I never go out without gear on, even 40 plus days couriering in the city. It goes to show that had i been wearing my technics gloves, my wrist would not have been as bad. The helmet was an afterthought too, luckily i was wearing it. Heres my Xray.


    ride safely everyone.. apologies for spelling/grammar, but writing with one hand and doped up on meds.
  2. Damn...did you get your licence back ? Get well soon bud
  3. nah, no liscence, but he lives out in woop woop and its an un-reg bike anyway. Serves me right.
  4. Thats a bumber dude.
    Hope u have a good recovery. Will TAC cover u??
  5. no TAC as it was unreg bike....
  6. Holy macaroni, thats a giant plate! Just think of it this way, at least you'll have a neat party trick with magnets :p

    For some reason i long for the day i come off, dont know why, am i a masacist? :shock:

  7. no, you just want to get it over and done with. the plate is titanium, cool
  8. Yeah, your probably right nice2bnaked. Maybe thats why im taking corners quicker than usual haha :grin:
  9. Dude that sux.

    Like my mum used to say, it's all fun until someone gets hurt... this time it was you. Hope you heal up quick mate...

    Seriously, that totally sucks!! Cool rad though.
  10. looks like u got half a spanner in there. Did something simmilar a few times but only ended up with lacerations.
    Heal up
  11. lets hope they let me keep the plate, might come in useful for something... headlight bracket?
  12. My worst 2 accidents have both happened at really low speed. one on a kx80 too... lol.
  13. Yep, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

    Then it's f69king hilarious :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously though, hope it heals well :wink:
  14. sorry to hear that good luck healing
  15. Not sure but definitly not normal.
  16. Well at least this will teach you not to play silly buggers on a motorcycle again.

  17. :-k :grin: :LOL: :bolt: yeah right... isnt it all about being silly?
  18. that looks painful. thanks for sharing
  19. Bugger to hear about. Hope it heals well and fast.
  20. So, did they keep you that long or did you ask to stay on? :LOL:

    Bad news mate, thank the Big JC that you were wearing the helmet. I can see how they protect from grinding and sliding, but how much would gloves have helped with the impact?

    Heal up, gotta be in shape for when you get your licence back :grin: