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slow_suzuki - Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Dirty TRiX, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Time to revisit my old roots and get back more seriously into the cameraderie of motorcycling (what with the messy divorce and all that.....).

    I'm the (kind-of) proud owner of a very rat black 1993 GS500E Suzuki with 80,000kms on the clock. All weather daily rider, ex Melbourne now in Brisbane for 4 years.

    Ex bike mechanic (long long ago) and motorbike courier before that.

    Has owned, long term loaned and crashed so many bikes that he cant remember - favourites among them the Kwaka Z250C I started on, my string of Katanas and GS Suzukis and the R6 Yammie... not to mention the GS500.

    Hope you'll all give me a big happy g'day...... boy do I need one at the moment.

  2. Life can't be THAT bad...Brisbane has better weather than Melbourne. :)
    Welcome to NR..sit back, take it easy, and relax a while..
  3. Happy G'Day!!!!! :grin:

    Glad to see another Brissy based, proud GS500 owner!! :)

    Hope to see you on the road! :biker:

  4. Welcome Slow_Suzi :dance:

    See you've already found the CC thread, sorry I can't make it on Friday night :(

    We also have a group ride once a month, and the next one is pencilled in for Sunday 22nd April (and we can always use another mechanic :shock: ). Hope you can make it.

  5. Welcome to the Forum

    Top intro :cool:

    Enjoy and post up often
  6. There are slow Suzukis??? :p :LOL:.

    Welcome back to the road, Andrew :).
  7. G'day, Andrew!
    Come in and meet the gang...
    Happy enough for you?! :LOL:
    Don't worry mate, you're not alone. A lot gone/going thru divorce here.
  8. Never left the road, just the missus.... I've been riding daily for the last 16 years or more..... I havent been without a motorbike since I was 17...
  9. Welcome from one Brissy rider to another :)
  10. welcome from me too.......hope to catch up with you at CC or on a ride soon.

  11. Welcome Beast!!!!

  12. welcome to NR slow_suzuki!

    its not directly your fault that you ride a suzuki, and luckily there is a place in the forum dedicated to those who get down in the dumps here.....i know i would if i was still on my ol' spewzuki :p

    enjoy your stay and be safe :cool:
  13. Never before have I seen a cartoon that looked as realistic. I actually thought for a second that it was a photo of Friday coffee. :LOL:

    G'day and welcome. :)
  14. clearly the work of FSM seany, rewarding your efforts ;)
  15. HEy beast how is the BMW going?

  16. elo again mate... next time i see you i hope your not flat on you back ina pool of oil :wink: welcome to the site!

  17. In true BMW fashion it decided to get an electrical problem. Dash light fuse keeps shorting out. Not a major one - just the usual 20 year old car stuff. I'm calling it the half-cage, since it obviously has no roof.

    I'll get to it after a few other personal hurdles are resolved. You know I'm a single dude now I assume....


    You can just see the GS500 in the background in one of the pics.

    And of course the house.
  18. Hey Andrew- already welcomed you at the CC.
    Thanks for all your help and welcome to NR! :)
  19. Hello slow suzuki...................or shall we just call you "andrew" and keep it personal :rofl:

    Welcome mate and I feel so sorry for your predicament barracking for the dragons and all :rofl:


  20. Rofl. At least I dont barrack for the Roosters. That would be embarrasing.