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Slow vehicle apologies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chicken78, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Found this rider on maroondah highway...Low res image but best I could do at the time.

    Sign read - "slow moving vehicle, please accept our apologies"


    Attached Files:

  2. Is it a moped?
  3. Think it was an x postie bike
  4. kill it with fire ?
  5. And his orange jacket with it.
  6. :D please tell me you took this snap whilst riding :D

    great find :rofl:
  7. I love his 'our apologies'.. :LOL:
  8. that's brilliant
  9. Um no :( sadly I wasnt, wishing I was..Nope, stuck in that dumbass thing with 4 wheels called my "office"
  10. Hahaha, I regularly thought about making a sign like this when I was riding my 50cc scooter.
  11. i've actually seen that..... a dopehead on a moped wrote on the back of his lockbox with silver nikko something along the lines of "this vehicle has a top speed of 60km/k, please pass when safe"
  12. Hey whats wrong with postie bikes :( If you drain (or forget to put in) oil they will get up to 90 :)
    He would have to be Japanese. Waaaaaaaay to polite for an Aussie.
  13. Wow! This should be on TV.
  14. Can't he be fined for the sign? In regards to it sticking from his vehicle?

    I mean, in the picture it looks wider than the bike, but could be the angle.
  15. Not sure what's more strange, that or the old fella I saw last year in Omeo on a postie and I had chat with at the bakery.
    He had painted 'wanker' on the back of his helmet.

    Some character I must say...
  16. Imma get a big warning sign saying "sorry for being too ****ING AWESOME!!!!"

    and see how many people try and kill me.
  17. haha classic!
  18. Nope. Not as long as it's less than, IIRC, 900mm wide.
  19. How does that work? Not having oil in it allowing you to push it further?? Or have I just falled prey to gullibility?
  20. No it's true. No idea why though. I meant to do the oil change after Xmas. But got cleaned up and it was in the shop for two months. (they did nothing)
    So anywho it's been busy and I have been a bit slack(read very slack)
    Anyway there is a big long strait just before my shed where I keep my bikes. And without tucking up the bike had been getting to 90. It gets a little bit shaky in the front end on the corner before I turn off but yeah hitting 90 before the corner.
    So it has been getting a little noisy so I pulled the sump plug and instead of the oil pouring out. It just dripped a bit. Probably 250ml in the tray the next day.
    And now all full of the good oil and new plug it is only hitting 82 like it normally does.