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Slow speed off... Bike possible write off...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by r@ndom, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hey guys and girls. (sorry for the long post... just looked over it and is quite long :))

    Thought I would give a run down of my experience so far after having my off last Friday.

    Was going for a nice leisurely ride on my day off before starting a new job on Monday and had been riding for about 45mins or so when entering a right hand corner the front went out from under me from loose gravel on the road (there was a driveway just before the corner with loose gravel and this had been dragged onto the road :( ) and from what I remember I made it worse by grabbing the front brake. Bike went sliding one way and me the other. I was probably doing 20-30 km/h on my Ninja 250. Was just thinking oh shit as the front went and bailed as the bike slid.

    Luckily there was no one on the road behind or in front of me. As I got up and dusted myself off and checked for any damage to myself, which at first glance nothing besides ripping a hole in my jeans and giving my knee a nice war wound.

    Had oggy knobs on the bike which saved a bit of damage on the fairings. Right blinker off, side mirror scratched and right hand bar and lever sc****d. Figured it was only the fairings and thought that's ok.

    As I was getting up a ute drove past and asked if I needed help and if I was ok. I said I was fine and thanked him. Then after trying to pick my bike up from where it stopped from the side of the road I thought hmm, should have asked him to help me pick the bike up. Heavy sucker on it's side. Managed to pick the bike up. Had a rest and looked over the bike for anything leaking. Tried to start the bike, no go... Thinking hmm... Waited a few more minutes and got it started.

    Rode off slowly and then when I stopped it wouldn't go into 2nd gear. Pulled to the side of the road again trying to get it into 2nd gear as it would have been a slow ride back home in 1st gear. Was stopped near a retirement home and an old lady came out and asked if I was ok and if there was anything she could do. Had a chat and thanked her for coming out.

    Thought bugger it 1st gear it is. Took off tried to get 2nd and voila. Rode to Kelen Kawasaki and the guy came and had a look over it. Asked if I was going to go through insurance. After he said that it would probably be a few grand to fix the fairings and everything else I said looks like I will go through insurance. Especially when we noticed the plate near the right foot peg was cracked through as well.

    Rode home checked out my gear. Helmet all scratched and chipped on the front chin - don't even remember hitting my face into the ground. Jacket arms on both forearms all scuffed, chest was fine besides a few little scuffs (Alpinestars Tech 1-R jacket). Right boot had a big gouge out of the big toe region (Alpinestars GPS3 boots). Gloves were a bit scuffed from sliding (Alpinestars - SP2). All I can say is glad I had the gear on. Pity my pants I ordered from OS had not arrived yet to save my knee. Thought the jeans faired ok though, lucky it wasn't any quicker.

    Rang insurance (QBE) told them what happened and then rode the bike back to Kelen Kawasaki. Dropped it off for them to assess more closely and then wait for the insurance assessor to check it out too. Had a form emailed to me to send all the gear down to Melbourne to get money back for it and replace it all. Jacket and gloves are not that bad but sending them down anyway to get replaced.

    The next day my wrists, right shoulder and back was a little sore. Also have a bruised nail on my big toe (glad I was wearing riding boots!) But all good now a week later. Knee is healing fine. The knee was no worse than having an off on the bmx when I was a kid.

    Packaged all the gear up today to send down on Monday. Spoke to Kelen Kawasaki during the week and still had not assessed the bike. Dropped in today to see how the quote was going and he showed me the damage. Where the foot peg is and the plate that is cracked behind that where it is bolted into the frame has bent the frame on impact and also has a slight crack in it too. So he said it will probably be a write off. Pretty crazy for such a slow speed off. Bike doesn't even look that bad after looking at it again. On the day all the scratches to the fairings looked pretty bad.

    It all happened so fast and when you see a railing on the side of the road coming up you don't have much time to think besides I hope I don't end up in/on/over that! Also glad I was wearing all the gear, pity I didn't have proper riding pants on! Hopefully hear back from insurance/Kelen Kawasaki next week in regards to the bike so I can get it sorted out and find another one. Hopefully doesn't take too long to get the money for the gear so I can get that all sorted too.

    Thinking of buying most of the stuff besides the helmet from OS with the $ at a good price and the gear being cheaper.

    Anyway that was my first off, definitely sucks being without a bike and getting everything sorted out! Was thankful I was ok, compared to some of the guys that have had offs lately.
  2. Been a lot of off's recently.

    Glad you're okay mate and only minor damage to yourself.
  3. mate, glad to hear youre ok!!
    insurance is there for a reason, glad you learnt why and the benefits of having it without too much damage to you personally..
    pain in the butt is ahead and thats the process of getting ALL the cash from the insurance company, hope for your sake they are prompt
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  4. I had a similar type off but even slower. Ended up with some sc****s and bruises. Just a quick question: did you have kevlar jeans on or just normal denim? Did the jeans give way at the knee or did you get a friction burn?
  5. just bad luck. front washes out and bang you're on the ground.
    might consider a photo of the driveway littering crap all over the road, for the insurance company.
    hope you've got full comp. because that's definately a write off. you get a brand new bike or a cheque.
    good to hear you're ok. gives you a new respect for bitumen huh. dose'nt take much to slice and dice.
  6. Hope it gets sorted quickly for you and you're not without a bike for too long.
    Good to hear you're ok.
  7. I feel your pain and embarrassment - you are correct no time to think just do with it
    Your jacket now gas street cred if you keep it which I am doing for mine
    Happy to hear you are ok

    *achievement unlocked *
  8. Motorcycles - they're like skateboards and horses. Not everyone perhaps, but most of us, sooner or later, we'll fall down. Like learning to walk as a small child. From time to time you land on your bum. It's part of the process. It gets less frequent as you get older, but it never entirely stops, and once you pass a certain age, the possibility of doing big damage to yourself with a simple slip increases. You can limit your exposure by not riding, by buying one of those battery powered personal mobility modules for the cholesterol impaired, but why wouldn't you walk and ride if you could?

    PS - Glad to hear that you're ok. Shame about the bike. I hope they pay up without too much persuasion. Keep us up to date on that.
  9. Bad luck champ. Hope you have good insurance and it covers a new one if they bin it.
    Better than getting a repaired one back I reckon. Something about the smell of a new bike.
  10. Jeans gave way at the knee. Adds to the style now ;) I was actually surprised they held up quite well. They were a pair of my old favourite GStar jeans.

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  11. Yes it all happens so fast it is crazy.

    Haha what are the other achievements to unlock or don't I want to know :)

    Yes I saw your thread. Yours was a bit worse than mine though. Wish I was wearing kevlar jeans. Sending the jacket in to get a new one. When I mentioned to the guy when putting the claim in he said you may as well send it in to get replaced.

    Thanks for all the well wishes and comments guys. Glad I was not badly hurt like others have been. I spoke to the guys looking after the claim and I told them that they think it is a write off because of the frame damage and the lady just said yes they usually write them off in that case.

    Will update the thread when I know more next week hopefully!!! I can't wait much longer as have already found a couple of bikes that I wouldn't mind getting.
  12. bugger. tough lesson to learn. see if you can get a session on a dirt bike.
    we've had a lot of gravel on the roads around melbourne all year, much of it
    washed out of driveways.
    had a few oops moments myself.
  13. what everyone has already said...

    No need for you to reply here...it is a question you should ask yourself.

    Why did you put the brakes on? Might you have made it through had you not done that?

    Like I said...no need to answer here. Just have a think about it.
  14. Received the call from the assessor today. Bike is a write off due to the frame being bent/cracked behind the footpeg plate. Next step is to email the rego/greenslip to insurance company. Sent the gear down today as well. Hopefully this can be sorted ASAP and money in the bank for the weekend to start shopping around for gear and bike...

    @Raven - thanks. Yep already asked that question 1000 times.
  15. Fantastic mate. Good to hear.
    You would think the dealer would cut you a nice deal being the second bike in a month. :)
  16. mate i would ask for a ripper deal on a nice bike! 650rl maybe? LOL i am biased
  17. Prob going to stick to the ninja to see me out for the next 9months or so. Try and pick one up cheap. Just love the look and style of them and I enjoy riding it. Some love them, some hate them. Guess I am one who loves them :)

    @bretto61 - thanks. Think it was a wise choice not to try and repair. I didn't buy this from them to begin with, bought it privately. He is looking out for a bike for me though. Maybe cause I mentioned that I like the ZX-6R and that it is on my short list of upgrade bikes.

    @steltzer - yes I thought about one of those but don't want to put any more money into a bike that I want to sell in 9 months or so time. Nice bike though.

    Sent details down to insurer last night so hopefully it is processed quickly.
  18. well done mate, glad it is all working out for you
  19. Just heard back from QBE re gear. Gloves are not going to be replaced as not enough damage to them. I thought it might have been a stretch but sent them anyway. Jacket they are not replacing as they said the damage is classed as wear and tear...WTF? I know it was not badly damaged so am not that concerned, it had scuffs on both forearms that tore the leather (see pics), but if I didn't come off it wouldn't be there... Not really impressed by that considering the person I spoke to said to send everything down even though I told them that there was not much damage to the jacket.

    Paying out the helmet and boots though. Surprised they didn't say the boot was wear and tear as well! Jacket will need a good clean after it's slide along the road.

    At least I can replace the helmet and boots on the weekend if they pay it this week into my account.

    Pics of helmet, jacket and boot.




  20. They only replace gear if it is "unuseable" or "unsafe". Clearly they have guidelines in place. Had your jacket been ripped through, or the zips been broken, or it been unuseable or unsafe in anyway, then it would have been "written off".

    You could do more damage to a jacket tripping over your feet :D