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Slow speed manoeuvre

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bulby, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Passed my L permit test this past Sunday :)

    But to be completely honest, I think I lucked out on the slow-speed manoeuvre part. Cleared it in just over 11secs, and somehow managed to stay within the strip. I totally suck at it. Can't even go straight without wobbling all over the place. Let alone turning.

    I tried looking straight, relaxing my upper body, and wiggling the handlebars. And that got me through the test, I guess. But still way too bad, IMO. Any tips / advice?
  2. Keep your head up.
    Keep the revs up.
    Slip the clutch and use the rear brake (gently) to moderate your speed.

    Other than that practice, practice, practice and then some more practice.
  3. Thanks, b12mick.

    So does that mean: almost-constant revs & rear brake + clutch to control speed?
    Or is it whatever combination of the three I feel most comfortable with?
  4. Well done in getting your L's.
    Now is where the learning really starts...

    You're in Melb so soon as you feel confident enough, try and get to the Sat Learners Practice.
    Also check out the Mentors/Tutors to help newer riders which has helped some gain confidence and sometimes a riding buddy to the Sat Morning Practice....
  5. Constant throttle position and use a combination of clutch and rear brake to control speed. This is what I was taught, and it worked/works for me.
  6. Thanks, guys :)

    I'll definitely go to one of the practice sessions once I'm confident that I can get there in once piece :p
  7. If you aren't confident you can get there in one piece, put your name down in the mentor thread and see if someone local can give you a bit of one on one help.

    You may need to describe your location a little more specifically than Melb so people can work out if they are near you.

    There may also be someone close by willing to shepherd you to the Sat practice if you post up in that thread.
  8. Will do. But first, I'll need to get my gears and bike =]
  9. Where are you in Melbourne Bulby?

    I can highly recommend the Saturday learner sessions at Elwood. Doug (Hawklord) and Dave (GreyBM) helped me improve my slow riding. I had absolutely no idea before they taught me. Still not great, but practising, and getting much better. I think I did my slow ride in about the same time as you when I did my test, but think I'd do a lot better now.
  10. Well yes, that would help LOL.
  11. Point Cook. I guess saying Melbourne is not very accurate anymore since it's a bit far away... lol (updating now).
  12. Or even easier: constant throttle & clutch position and use only the back brake to control speed