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Slow speed knee down?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mogley, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I have a question. Please see Stefan Bradl taking on Lombard St San Francisco below.


    Now, i don't know how to knee down at all and don't at all plan to knee down on the streets, let alone at these ludicrously low speeds.

    My understanding of knee down is to turn harder without increasing lean angle so you can go faster around corners.

    So can someone explain to me why Stefan is using that knee down style to snake his way down this street because if that was me I would need to counter-lean given the low speed would probabaly make me tip to take those tight hair pins.

  2. dude he wasn't anywhere near touching the ground.
    he's just using correct technique to turn without leaning the bike far
  3. He didn't get knee down?
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    I have to say it was impressive watching him roll down the hill on clutch while revving. Was only slightly more impressive than the guy who mono'd his way up and back down the whole hill including going over the top of cars.

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  5. That was more "knee out" than "knee down". He just moved his body around to help with the cornering without leaning the bike over too much.
  6. He probably didnt have much faith in the grip of those pavers
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  7. slow speed knee down? sounds just about as stupid as wanting to sling a backpack over one shoulder and walking around

    but yeah those corners did look fairly steep and narrow
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  8. love to see him go back up lombard street :p
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  9. Look closely at his hips. All he is doing is rotating his hips. The knee is just doing what a knee does when attached to a leg in leathers.
    Should start trying that if you ever want to be set up well for a corner
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  10. that's air braking
  11. that was an extremely exciting video i was certaily on the edge of my seat as a watched a motogp bike idle down a hill.

    They should have sent him up it, that would have been exciting.
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  12. I think I mentioned earlier something about skill comparisons... So here you go:

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  13. This is an odd thread!
  14. We drove down Lombard street only a week ago, it's is extremely steep and tight. I'd imagine the pavers wouldn't offer much grip on stone cold slicks as well.
    Spewin we didn't hear about this or we would have gone to it. Went to D Store for Nicky Hayden.
    BTW, San Francisco is a sh*t hole!
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  15. BTW, San Francisco is a sh*t hole![/QUOTE]

    and its full of homos,,, not that theres anything wrong with that
  16. and its full of homos,,, not that theres anything wrong with that[/QUOTE]

    Just full of wierdos full stop. Wasn't pleasant watching homeless people eating out of bins or pissing in the middle of the street.

    Uphill he did...

  17. This is slow speed knee down.
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    He doesn't come close to getting his knee down!. He's just sticking it out. Maybe it's just habit, or maybe they asked him to. But he isn't even tying to drag a knee! Huh?
  19. Just full of wierdos full stop. Wasn't pleasant watching homeless people eating out of bins or pissing in the middle of the street.

    Uphill he did...


    I went to Los Angeles, San francisco, Escondido and San Diego on a school excursion about 7 years ago. A friend of mine actually urinated on Lombard street. I thought San Francisco was a nice place, it has excellent parks, crazy streets and nice houses. Much much nicer than LA, which is virtually uninhabitable. I'd stay away from Haight-Ashbury though, unless you like left-wing pinko, drug fueled lunatics.

    Not that that guy was getting the knee down, but do knees out sometimes feel more comfortable or natural when turning? Also, a couple of weeks ago, I had rode my bike out to Orange and it had been raining quite a bit. My mother in law's driveway is about 500 meters long and gravel, but had turned into very slippery wet gravelly clay. I also went for a ride and ended up on an unsealed road that was equally slippery (OK, maybe this was stupid, I really don't know though) Is it forbidden to ride a road bike with road tyres on gravel? I was taking it very very easily around turns and picked up a bit of speed (about 50-60 km/h) on long straight sections on the unsealed road. The front tyre had an unnerving habbit of slipping out on me every time I had to ride on my mother in law's driveway, and on the other wet gravelly clay road, the rear tyre slipped just rolling off the throttle. For some bizarre reason, having both knees right out, looking like an idiot, with an upright posture and relaxed arms seemed to really help. When the front would slip, it didn't seem to slip as much and I would regain control much faster and calmly then if I was riding in my normal position. Doing it seemed to make a big difference and riding on that driveway seemed to "click" for me when I started doing this. Is this a normal sort of "technique" or have I maybe fallen trap to some sort of placebo effect?
  20. Fair enough. Knee down = knee out is what i was referring to.

    Just interesting to see his technique, i think he does shift his bum off the seat a little.

    I just feel like tight turns at slow speed you will tip over so I tend to counter-lean..