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Slow post day...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Not much interesting happening in here today... I'm almost at risk of doing some work.

    So I will pose three questions for discussion:

    All three questions are seemingly harmless, but will poobably degenerate into a thread-locking sh1tfight :LOL: :LOL:

    here goes:

    - You are PM for a day, and you are allowed to pass one bill: (No riders on the bill - just one basic law, must be vaguely constitutional)

    - Your whacky invention starts generating enough royalties for you to retire right now, and you do so. What do spend the rest of your life doing?

    - If the government has a zero tolerance model on speeding, which is dangerous, why do they still allow smoking? should similar excises be put on alcohol?

  2. I see work is rocking today Dan :LOL: . Cant help here , i've banned myself from talking any politics.
  3. 1. tba

    2. I buy a large piece of land in a suitably gorgeous location and start setting up my eco-friendly community. The community consists of separate dwellings for each family/couple as well as dorms for transients. The dwellings have kitchenette, bathroom etc, however there is a main area for meal prep and eating, as well as separate bath-houses for men and women. The modern consumerist concepts of having one of everything (fridge, oven, washing machine etc etc) is ridiculous - why not have one big area for all to utilise.

    People in the community share in child minding, building and sustainable farming. There is a minimum $$ contribution to get into the community initially, as well as further $$ to maintain the community. Those who cannot afford can work within the community.

    A space for healing, education and spiritual development in the common areas.

    No more bored housewives going insane with isolation and lack of mental stimulation, looking after kids on her own. No more re-inventing the wheel and setting up an entire household.

    I could talk for hours about this.
  4. I fully support your idea and think it is great. However it is alittle along the lines of a hippy commune/communism and therefore the idea will never work as people will eventually get sick of sharing when someone else is using something when they want it and this happens continually. They will then endeavour to buy/obtain there own kitchen area or washing machine and then it will begin the downward spiral that we are seeing in modern society today.

    However i do think it's a great idea and if your wacky invention does bring you the money, make sure you call me up and let me help set the whole thing up and live there.
  5. How many wives would I be allowed to have in this community of yours Flahfire?

  6. If polyamoury is your thing, we ain't gonna stop you. :)
  7. more wives means more people to toil in the outback hemp clothing factories :LOL:
  8. I know what you're saying, and yeah - I am a hippy. However there would be a screening process before people would be allowed to enter the community, and if they want to sell their dwelling and leave, they can. So it's not exactly like the communes in the Nimbin Hills in that 1. you gotta have money before you can join, and 2. There will be rules and regulations, and 3. I will be a benevolent dictator ;)
  9. Hey why not? If you want you're own stuff so much, just move on and let someone else in. but here's the REAL rub... Communal motorcycle? :eek:
    I don't think so :p
  10. oh no no no titus! We all have our own expensive toys. It's the structure & infrastructure of the community which is shared. The people in this community are not smelly hippies - they have money, and a shared vision for the future.

    screw sharing a bike! Might share the yacht & party bus though.
  11. 1.I have nothing against hippies. I reckon some hippy girls are HOT and living the lifestyle they do most of them know how to get it on good and proper.

    2. The 3 points you listed fill me with confidence that your system will work.

    3. Maybe you could have a speaker system hooked up all over the community and if a person/family start to break the rules and won't co-operate then being the benevolent dictator that you are you could send an eviction message throughout to let them know it time to leave.

    "This is flashfire. Mr smith, on numerous occasions you have broken the rules of the flashfire community. You were warned but continued to break these rules therefore being awarded 3 strikes. For this reason you are being evicted from the community. Could you please pack your bags and await further instruction.....*2 hours later*..........It's time to go....Mr smith"
  12. They have places like this already, they're called 'Retirement Villages'
  13. Yeah - some hippy girls are very hot. I am amazed by the beauty that I'm surrounded by sometimes http://photos3.flickr.com/2355023_9f83bbd97d.jpg And whilst I subscribe to the hippy ideals, I don't wear my subculture loud and proud. I look like a regular tax payer (except for the glint in my eyes, which really gives me away).

    hehehee. "this is flashfire. It's time to leave the community"

    I'm gonna practise that in front of the mirror. ;)
  14. i hope i die before i need someone to wipe my ass...

    haha is this just a picture of someone with a half hippy lookin skirt on? or is this you or something???
  15. Nah that's a hippy. The top, skirt, belt, head tie, scarf, bracelets on right arm, big ring on left index finger. And most importantly the whole look/stance/dance style. Damn that's a hot hippy chick
  16.  Top
  17. I think we need to have a definition of a hippy for this to work. so flashfire you seem like the person to give it. i have friends who dress like this but, we wouldn't put them in a hippy category, plus generally when someone says hippy there are thoughts of the 60's, rather then what i think we mean...

    life's short so live fast
  18. I would apply a Victorian style no-fault TAC charge to the whole ctp system Australia wide.

    Riding the newly vacated roads bought about by the new CageVapouriser2000 moto accessory.

    They don't have a zero tolerance model on speeding:

    You're allowed to purchase and operate a motorcycle that can exceed the speed limit, and like smoking and drinking, the use of 'speed' for recreational purposes warrants a 'tax' on the user. :p
  19. Hippies are OK.

    Its the ball breakin tree hugging activist hippies that dont shave/wax types (generalisation) that throw used women's sanitry products at workers, or the ones who set up biviwack's up in the trees etc. They are a real problem and should be taken out into the desert and left to rot in hell (or shot what ever is cheaper) :evil: :evil: :evil: These scum have ZERO hygiene, have the intelligencee of a poodle and generally endangour other peoples lives.

    Cheers 8)
  20. Interesting questions. See, the thing is fashion has brought about a bit of a pseudo hippy look for girls over the last 2 years or so, resulting in many 'alternative' looks going more mainstream thus making the distinction harder to draw on. But, being a hippy is a mind-set, not a fashion statement.

    I think there are many definitions of hippies, and many sub-categories of hippies within those definitions (activists, for example), however my definition is based mostly on the psytrance/festival thing which sees a lot of "electronic hippies" rather than the rainbow people types. With this in mind, (just my opinion based on personal experiences): A hippy is a person on a spiritual path with tribalistic tendencies. They may broaden their mind through the use of synthetics as well as enthoegens, enjoy organic sounds & electronic music especially that which is based on original Goa Trance. They see a hope for the future of mankind through the awakening of the collective unconscious. etc etc They may prefer to offer a creative contribution to society, rather than the usual drone worker-bee type stuff....

    Anyway, that's my definition of hippies as it pertains to my life.