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Slow learner... anyone here?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DRMAT, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Anyone brave enough to own up to being a slow learner?


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  2. Err yeah right :jerk:. Certainly he was putting his own life at risk but on a highway, where all traffic is going in the same direction, I don't really see how a bike rear-ending a car at (the equivalent) of less than 60kph is going to have a high chance of killing the occupants. A truck doing 120 would be a lot more dangerous to other road users - but wouldn't get impounded.
    Of course getting caught twice in a week for the same thing, by the same cop - clearly not the smartest rider out there. Let's hope he gets caught again, that way there might be a 750 Suzuki going cheap at a Police auction :LOL:.
  3. Another link to story with a bit more info.. he tried to do a runner as well!

    Speeding rider booked twice in a week
    22nd February 2007, 22:12 WST

    A Melbourne traffic policeman had a serious case of deja vu when he intercepted a speeding motorcyclist and impounded his machine in the city's southeast on Thursday night.

    He had impounded the same motorbike under Victoria's hoon legislation and booked the same rider only a week before for a high-speed offence on the same road.

    Senior Constable Adam Helps of Stonnington traffic management unit allegedly detected the motorcycle at 164 km/h on the Monash Freeway at Mount Waverley this evening.

    He pursued the 750cc Suzuki motorcycle in his Holden Commodore SS V8 patrol car and, to his surprise, found the rider was the same man he had intercepted a week ago allegedly travelling at 157 km/h on the same road at East Malvern.

    "I think he was heartbroken to see me again," Sen-Const Helps told AAP.

    "He was annoyed at himself and I think he was heartbroken that he was caught twice because he's going to lose his licence for a very long time."

    The rider did not stop initially, Sen Const Helps said.

    "When I turned on my flashing blue and red lights he's turned his lights off and he's taken off," he said.

    "I'm not sure how fast he was going - possibly up to 180 km/h.

    "He turned left at Blackburn Road and turned left into a side road and that's where I caught him."

    The rider, who only a few days ago had the motorbike returned to him after it was impounded for 48 hours for the earlier offence, had the bike taken away for another 48-hour stretch.

    He was also served with a notice preventing him from selling it.

    When he fronts court at a later date on two charges each of speeding, driving at a speed dangerous to the public and driving in a manner dangerous to the public, police will apply to confiscate the motorcycle for three months.

    Sen Const Helps said with the two speeding offences, the man could lose his licence for up to two years.
  4. 'possibly up to 180 km/h' - press'd love that!

  5. Don't police have to call off a pursuit if the speed exceeds 180? Possible that the bike may have gone faster and the cop just put in "up to 180" on the report to book 'em for the maximum possible without getting themselves in trouble for continuing pursuit.
  6. I think it's only called off if its deemed unsafe.... considering he'd already been checked at over 50kmh over the limit and then did a runner the final speed probably becomes irrelevant.
  7. Fair enough. Have to wonder though just how a 2 tonne Commodore chasing and catching a bike travelling at "an unsafe speed" can be considered safe at all. Yes I know Police receive extra training - but the other cars on the road are still frequently driven by idiots (the Monash in particular seems to be a magnet for drivers who don't have a clue).
  8. This is true.
  9. Their cars are definitely insured and definitely road-worthy.
  10. Damn when I read the thread name I thought I wasn't alone, oh well :(

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Aint that the truth! Today saw a fella (P Plater) in a magna madly weaving in and out of the traffic (all 3 lanes ) just so he could arrive 5 seconds ahead of everyone else! :jerk:
  12. +1. I've always puzzled at how ridiculous some of those statements can be. Hell, a 4WD or even a large car will do a shite-load more damage at 5km/h over than I will on a bike - yet we are still treated like we're putting everyone else at risk? :p
  13. By that logic having something fall from the back of a ute/trailer would be just as dangerous - and yet the penalty for an unsecured load is just a 200 buck fine :p.
  14. That freeway used to be one of our tracks where we did our late night high speed runs (260+km/h).

    Not anymore.

    That run has been heavily policed in recent times and the Police have made no secret of it because its been in the media, so if someone is stupid enough to keep risking it, then they only have themselves to blame.

    With our current national hoon laws, its just no longer worth doing silly things like that.. anywhere for that matter.

  15. Guilt Trip Barbie :grin:
  16. +1. OK. Did a dumb arse thing and got caught. Did the same dumb arse thing only a few days after dumb arse thing no. 1. Needs "special" help. Jeeezus. How F*#king stupid can you get. And what worries me the most is the way the Police are getting caned for chasing the f-wit. The sooner the moron is off the road the sooner there'll be one less idiot to make us all look bad.........

    I may have "accidently" exceeded the speed limit "overtaking" on the odd occasion, but I can guarantee that if I got busted AND had the bike impounded, I'd be riding slow for at least a few months........
  17. "guilt trip barbie"
    Ktulu your a genius :p
  18. Where did the cops get caned for chasing him? Didn't see anything about that?
  19. What are you smoking? As if he'd even see me. :LOL: :LOL:

    And how exactly would I 'rear-end' another car at 160km/h and then suddenly have another car behind me who needs to avoid me? Did I ride through that car? Or suddenly swerve in front of them to hit the car they were tailgating? :LOL:
  20. DRMAT wrote:
    seems a little judgmental to me..... could be wrong though...I often am :grin: