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slow fall, big learning experience

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fitryder, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. might as well share the story.

    brought a new Daytona Triumph 650 last week and was loving ever min of it, ill have to post some pics of it later.

    Anyway come Sunday and after all of 5 days riding i took her out for a spin to meet a mate.

    there had just been a quick shower so the roads were in shit state but what the hell, i ride in all weather.

    off i went, 2nd roundabout on nice cold tires and a greasy road the rear steps out pretty hard as i give it gas. No probs, its happened before on the 250rr.

    I give it some gas but quickly learn i have 4 times the horse power as the rear steps in with a vengeance and sends me flying over the handlebars at an embarrassing 30kmph.

    left arm must have hit first cause the result of my fall is this.


    bikes in ok shape, it was only a slow fall but i had surgery on the arm and am now the proud owner of surgical steel in my arm.

    not the most exciting crash story but one to learn from!
  2. OUCH!

    Sorry to hear mate. Hope the recovery is quick and easy.
  3. You sure broke that. Unlucky.
  4. Glad you weren't hurt worse.

    And at least it will give you a story to tell at airports when you set of the metal detectors.
  5. I've got 3 plates and don't set detectors off.

    My old man does, but then his entire spine is reinforced with stainless steel.
  6. damn that looks nasty!
    Good to hear your alright now though.
  7. wow that looks nasty. dont worry though, chicks dig scars... :grin:
  8. Yeah I've been using that line... :grin:

    ...until one of said aforementioned chicks retorted with "Yes but not _surgical_ scars".

  9. :shock: ouch !
  10. That gives Iron Man a whole new meaning.
  11. Ohh man, that looks farked..Pretty bad injury for a slow fall. All the best with the recovery, il keep my bike under covers for when it rains.

  12. Poor bugger, sorry to hear of that. :(
    Make sure you tell your mates what really happened. ie track day, wheelie out of 2nd corner, rear wheel steering then the highside at 140kmh maybe more!!wasn't it?

    Yeah, thats right :p :p

    Take care


    At 30km/h you say... Did the bike land on your arm ? Or are your bones just made out of cheese ?
    That is a pretty nasty injury dude, it's one to brag about. Heal up quick mate. :cool:
  14. As a fellow rider who learnt the nuances of cold-tyres v. roundabout interaction the hard way, I offer my sympathy and condolences.

    May you heal swiftly and be back on the road pronto.

    I am encouraged by the fact I rarely hear of broken arms causing people ongoing trouble: good stuff your wrist and hand is ok.
  15. Hope all is well


    He is now Surgical-Steel Man :p
  16. wow....thats a decent brake for that sort of speed :shock:
  17. I think it was him actually getting on the gas which was the problem Stewy :p
  18. FCUK!!!!!!!!!!! Was the first thing I yelled out (the office space around me goes uncomfortably quiet as people start to stare) when I scrolled down to the see the delight that is your left arm. FFS!!!!

    I have to ask a few questions, being a relative Noob myself.....

    * When the rear steps out that like, and you go for more Herbs, doesnt that even things out? Or is there a fine line between getting it back straight and a High Side? Sounds like you got your 250cc to step out a bit in the past it was no probs. Did you back off the throttle too much?

    * How long will you be off the bike for?

    * I can only imagine that the pain at time time and when getting it looked at was riduculous? What was it like at the moment of impact and when you got up? Im not morbidly curious, but you just seem so matter of fact about it all, so either your in a world of pain and just keeping it together or smashing your bones like you have was not quite as traumatic as most would think it would be?

    I go through 2 roundabouts every morning about 200 metres from my house, and I reckon on some days pensioners in electric wheel chairs could take them harder and faster than me. I get annoyed at my own lack of confidence at times, but it sounds like not a bad thing from your example..

    Get well soon and thanks for sharing your story.

    Get well soon and thanks for sharing.
  19. A few years ago, I smashed one bone in my left arm in two places and dislocated the other (I lost it on an oil slick at <40kph). I remember looking at my arm and wrist at funny angles and thinking "Sh1t, I've broken my arm". It wasn't dreadfully painful at the time (I think being in shock helps). It really wasn't all that traumatic because you realise that's the worst that's happened, the bike was insured. I had less than 15 minutes to wait for an ambulance and I think that helped as well.

    Later on though, after the operation to put a plate in, it really hurt. It hurt even more for the next week till they realised that when they'd x-rayed it they'd missed the second break and I had to have another operation and a second plate. :evil:
  20. hey gpxkermit250, ill try and answer your questions as best i can.

    ill leave the first one to more experienced riders but my opinion is that yes it is a bit of a fine line, I think it depends on what you lost it from in the first place but shutting the throttle will really upset the bike and I think your chances of actually losing it are fare greater.

    I didn’t lose the rear end a lot at all on the 250rr but it had happened 2-3 times and so my responses had become my natural reaction which is what I did on this bike which then led to my accident.

    not sure exactly how long for, I see the specialist next week, so ill get a better idea then but hopefully not longer then 6 weeks im thinking. Going to miss EVERY min of it!

    Im not trying to be tuff or anything, I mean sure the arm hurt a lot, don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t that bad, never having broken anything, I expected more, and it wasn’t so much the sudden pain that got me, it was the consistency of it. I have however been through worse pain, one such occasion was a 100km adventure race earlier this yr through the Blue Mt’s all on foot, that hurt lol.

    at the end of the day riding is a risk and here is proof that you can really hurt yourself from a small fall but at the same time there are lots of people that have never been hurt from riding. Its just the way it is, why worry about it.

    Confidence is also something you cant rush, always ride your own race!

    TonyE, mate that sucks! Hope your doin much betta now, im lucky my breaks were hard to miss lol.