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Slow Drop + Need to Know Numbers!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cbwolf, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Well as embarassing as it is, i had a stationary drop today. I decided to do you a u-turn on a road clear of traffic, alas i failed to think i would drop the bike if i stop sideways on a very inclined road.

    Anyway, this resulted in a snapped brake lever and right hand mirror. Not much damage, pretty cheap to fix, but i had to get it towed home for $250 :(

    This got me thinking. When you're riding near and far, what are some MUST have numbers to keep in your phone? Are there any good motorcycle movers who are cheap? Roadside assist etc etc?

  2. Can't help you out with 'cheap movers' but I do know that Roadside
    Assist don't do towing for accidents.
  3. push it home? idn

    oh and make sure you chuck some "forged" levers on there instead of "cast" ones. forged ones will(should) bend rather than breaking. potentially making it ridable and $250 cheaper
  4. I'd have ridden it home using the rear brake, Harley riders get around for years without touching the front lever and if you do it carefully I can't see it being a big trouble.

    The only phone number that's really vital is the all-networks emergency number 112. You can dial it sometimes even if your phone's not getting any reception, so it's very handy for if somebody falls off way out in the bush.

    The next number to call is your nearest mate with a ute or trailer.
  5. I was considering riding it home with just the rear brake but i thought i'd rather be safe then have somebody brake hard infront of me and then i run up their ass.

    Either way, i ordered a set of Pazzo shortie levers last week which will fix the issue anyway, AND, if i drop the bike again, the shorties won't touch the ground so they won't break anyway :p
  6. YEAH! then it'll be your bars that break instead!

  7. dont worry about it man. levers replaceable, i have in the last 2 months dropped my bike just getting of the payment where i normally park.
  8. mate we all drop it sometimes. do you have crash knobs? if you do i thought they would have stopped the bike tipping over far enough to break a handle. i only say this becasue when i droped my R6 at about 5km/h on a very wet tram track it only scratchet the engine cover and lower faring.