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Slow corner - ride the clutch or fully in gear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jawntybull, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Ok cornering virtuosos - your advice is needed! In slow corners (first or second gear, say a left turn into a side street), do you feather the clutch around the corner or go around fully in gear? My technique is:

    - approaching the corner, slow with front and rear brake, and change down to the right gear; clutch still in
    - release the front brake and trail the back brake to stay in control yet get my right hand onto the throttle ready for the turn

    then, either:
    - feather the clutch part way out as the bike tips into the corner, ride the clutch around the corner, letting it out as you pass the apex, OR
    - blip the throttle and let the clutch out fully before the corner, so that you can tip the bike in to the corner fully in gear.

    Both seem to work; I feel better if fully in gear but I'm smoother if I ride the clutch. Somehow I feel that being in gear is safer as there is no risk of letting the clutch out too fast and losing control of the rear wheel - but it makes me rush my set up a bit. Which approach is better??
  3. Personally, I only go into "feathered" mode if my speed is so slow that the bike is at risk of chugging in first gear. I'd rather slip the clutch than risk stalling the engine.

    But it sounds like you're taking these corners a lot faster than 5-10kph...
  4. Be fully in gear to take the corner, without any drive in the back wheel it will be hard to turn at all.
  5. Be fully in gear, with a little bit of throttle on as you start to turn. Feather the rear brake if anything.
  6. what loz said!

    i've only had to ride the clutch on a 749 due to the tall gearing and very slow corner speed (about 20km/h). the bike would "chug" and feel very unsettled. as i feathered the clutch i had the rear brake applied as well.

    i always ride the rear brake (gently) around tight, slow (sub 20km/h), corners, as it stabilizes the bike. as i ease off the brake i slip the clutch in gently, and accelerate away.
  7. thanks all - great advice - time for me to practice!
  8. more riding FTW :)

    stay on the throttle so as you come out of the corner you can pull the throttle, stand the bike up, change gears, set for next corner ;)