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Slipping the clutch.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by B1K3R, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hehe, yeah, I know its a bad thing! But lately, I have noticed that I am ending up slipping the clutch (to get more revs and thus accelerate quicker) more than often!

    Now, I am just wondering if I need a bike with more power/torque or if its just me getting nervous on the road!!!! :furious:

    Does it happen to you guys?


  2. If you have a wet clutch, don't worry we all slip the clutch to varying degrees, that is how you get off the line, just don't slip it hard for long and you will be fine. Don't worry about it unless you are drag starting frequently.
  3. it's a motorcycle, you can slip the clutch, ride the clutch, whatever...or don't even use the clutch at all if you want...it's not a car.
    note, clutchless downchanging in the wet can be disastrous (or fun, whichever way you look at it)
  4. time for different sprockets.

    Regardless of the stuff above, slipping it wears it out. If you are going to sell it soon I wouldn't worry about it. If you plan to keep it a while and you don't want to spend money on a new clutch, adjust your habits.
  5. Yep slipping the clutch to keep the revs up indicates you want more grunt in that gear.
    Is it happening in first or in several gears?
    If it is several gears then you have to stay lower in your gears.
    If it is just in first, you are probably starting to find the low end torque limits of the bike.
    As a matter of interest, what is the bike?
    I will point out, that on the R6, unless I spin it up, I have to slip out the clutch or I bog it down. And spinning it up would mean I’d probably have to slip the clutch to avoid looping it.
    But I couldn’t say I am wanting for grunt once I am over 6k revs. So have a think of where and when you are doing it, and if a little more throttle may be your answer.
  6. You need good old fashioned CC's.

    Nothing like the low end torque of a big motor.
  7. How nice to see, at this time of year.
    A non Squid/Troll thread that actually asks a good wholesome question!

    I AM impressed!

    Anyhoo, sounds like maybe you need an extra omph when starting off. Is that right?
    Changing your rear sprocket may help. Is it loose a tooth or gain one? Can never remember!

  8. Slipping allows you to put the engine in a peakier power/torque part of the curve. As bonox points out, it does wear the plates.
  9. Is it making a noise... sort of like when you suffer sqeekn brakes?
  10. Whoa,
    Sounds like some lubricant or oil might have leaked into your clutch, mate!

    Better undo it and drain that fluid out.
    That should stop it slipping.
  11. :-s? my clutch loves some lubricating fluid, such as oil. i suppose it is a wet clutch.

    i slip mine all the time, and it loves it. i suppose dirt bike clutches can handle more abuse than normal road bike clutches, i dunno.
  12. I knew that was going to happen! lol

    Jimmy, bonk is pulling ya leg. By the way, what other kinds of lubricating fluid does your clutch love?
  13. Hmmm, that's a good idea m8...

    Well, in first gear only rarely when I want to fly off the lights :) But usually, its when i'm on 3rd or 4th behind cars and just want to overtake as quickly as I can...

    It's a Honda Hornet 600 :) MY HORNET

    Loose a tooth for higher speed but less accelerations and vice-versa :)

    No no...there is no noise...its not slipping by itself....I am slipping the clutch with the lever on purpose!

    Well, I don't want to damage the clutch, yeah I'm selling it soon since I'm moving to OZ but I wouldn't want the person to buy be screwed......that would be nasty...so I guess I'll ease it a bit :)
  14. Start working the revs up a little for your launch, and be a little more particular with your gear selection.
    It’s a 600, if you want to accelerate you probably just need to be in second (Up to 100kph)