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slipping on the seat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cronus, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. hey guys just a quick one here
    i have ridden a couple of six hundreds but the space appart was a fair bit,
    i figured its pretty normal to slip backward on the seat of my cbr600rr when powering it but its not always the most pleasant thing i still get slip when gripping is there another way around it?
    when giving it a bit i do get down and sit back and feel fine about that, am i sitting to far forward not gripping enough or should i get some grip pads?

  2. Riding the mighty GS500 I know where you are coming from,I'm using industrial velcro on my pants and tank..geting off the bike is the loudest part of my ride.
    For your bike I'd say grip pads are in order and some squats to strengthen up your thighs..plus keep the Mr Sheen, Armour all and Silicon sprays away from your seat.
  3. Stop riding in silk boxers lol
    Nah sorry champ. Go down to your local bike shop and get a grippy seat cover. If you have a bit of nouse and a big stapler you can fit it yourself. The seat on the CBR is not the best. If you have a camping mat laying around, cut a piece to fit and it will be much more comfy. If not go to clarkes rubber and get some high density foam for it.
  4. (Tank) Stomp grips, buddy ! Had the same problem on both/all bikes to date (especially the fact I have them gleaming/polished after most rides... ;) )
    Not only will you stick to that seat like a fly in a fresh pile of turd but your tank finish will love you more also.
    Besides, they'll make your bike a little more 'trick'.
    Hope this helps (y)
  5. but it feels so good with the wind running up my crotch...hahhaah

    yeh thanks guys will deffinately look into stomp grip should be an easy solution
  6. They retail around $80 for the entire kit, depending on bike, and available colours usually being white, clear or black.
    Happy hunting mate.
  7. You could also eat enough maccas so you rear fills the main riders seat area....8-[

    Errr, not recommended if you have one of those motard one width from front to pillion type of seat.
    Hehe, seen that too!
  8. I find tech spec are the best.

    low quality cheap leathers can cause abrasion, plus, if you are getting abrasion on your thighs it means your riding technique is pretty poor
  9. Each to their own. Personally, I've tried/tested Stomp Grip pads and not only do they receive a great wrap-up by many bike service/retail stores but also function admirably.

    Based on Rattus' many previous posts, attention to detail and track experience, I'd say he would definitely NOT be one utilising 'low quality cheap leathers'...

    Again each to their own and whatever floats ones boat (y)
  10. Funny you should say that Rattus. I switched to the techspecs, because the stompgrips tore my leathers up. The techspecs are less painfull to grip if you are just in draggins.

    To the op. You don't used things like armouall on your seat do you? If so, get a good leather cleaner and remove it. Crap like that is good, but never on a bike seat. (only saying that in case you didn't know)
  11. As i said, i've tried both on and off the track (track days) and settled on tech spec, but really...how do you come by that little gem of knowledge concerning riding technique being poor?