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Slipping clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. I have a 94 zzr250, feels like the clutch slips sometimes, and just generally I dunno, gear changing doesn't feel 100% right or consistent. could this be just how the handle is adjusted, (i've been fiddling with it but can't quite get it right, has a bit more play than i'd like). when i adjust it i can't hit that sweet spot, and when i spink the circle thing that has 1-5 on it to tension the handle itself that slips after a couple pulls anyways. a mate of mine thinks it might not like the oil. i used gtx2... the book at the servo said it should be right. could this be the cause????

    also question no 2, i snapped the circle bit of the end of the clutch lever, can i use an upside down brake lever on it coz i have one sitting here doin SFA.

  2. Car oils for cars.

    Bike oils for bikes.

    They have different additives.
  3. the additive that they put in car oil is a Special friction modifier to assist in reducing friction,
    with most bike clutches run it the engine oil this may be the problem i'm not sure if the gtx2 contians this additive

  4. The old motorcycle oil is special and worth more than double myth!Castrol GTX 2 is perfectly fine in a bike engine with wet clutch. My Z 650 and GTR 1000 both love it, and have no clutch slip. Kawasaki recommended GTX and GTX 2 for the Z 650. Both my bikes have the same basic clutch design as your ZZR. However, do not use GTX 3, it is the one with friction modifiers (and less high pressure additives).
    The oil is not your problem. Do a search, this has been covered a zillion times.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Could be as simple as you have over filled your sump. Check your levels, too much oil in the sump will cause clutch slip on a bike. Plan B glazed clutch plates, take em out and hit em with a bit of sandpaper. Or worst case scenario replace the plates and springs. Generally clutch kits are pretty cheep if you stay stock.
  6. This might seem like a bit of a hijack but

    is it safe to use the engine oil flush, that you buy for cars, in motorcycles?


    is it safe to mix different types of bike oils together? i have 3 different bottles with about 1litre in each don't want it to go to waste :)